Chapter 1341: “The Dark Emperor’s Treasure (3)”

    Chapter 1341: "The Dark Emperor's Treasure (3)"

    The more she saw, the more curious Jun Wu Xie became about just how powerful the Dark Emperor who had fallen really was. Everything depicted upon the murals showed the amazing achievements and glorious deeds the Dark Emperor had done completely unparalleled by anyone in the Middle Realm. Among all the wall murals, one in particular left a deep impression upon Jun Wu Xie. The man wearing the mask was seated straight back upon a high seat and before him, knelt twenty five men.

    In a formation based on a hierarchy of ranks.

    Four men knelt in the lead, with nine more behind them, and finally twelve prostrated themselves in the third row at the back.

    If Jun Wu Xie's guess was not wrong, then that should be the twenty five men standing at the apex of the pyramid in the Middle Realm.

    The Four Sides, Nine Temples, and the Twelve Palaces.

    Before the Dark Emperor appeared, these men each held dominance over a part of the Middle Realm but when the Dark Emperor descended with the Dark Regime, all these elite men of power had had no choice but to relinquish their positions from the peak, and submit themselves at the feet of the Dark Emperor.

    That was the might of the Dark Emperor.

    The one dominant ruler accepted by all the twenty five men, where before the eyes of that one man, all deferred to him in uncontested subordination.

    Jun Wu Xie had traded punches with the people from the Twelve Palaces before and she knew that the powers of the Twelve Palaces were not exaggerated and those people she encountered had only been a tiny bit of power within the Twelve Palaces. With the exception of the grey robed man, she expected that the powers of all the others should be below average within the Twelve Palaces. Even though that was the case, in that encounter, they had still fought a very hard and tough battle.

    And ranked above those people, would be the Elders and Palace Lords of the Twelve Palaces.

    That kind of power, was not something that Jun Wu Xie and her companions were able to take on at this time.

    One Region, Four Sides, Nine Temples, Twelve Palaces.

    The might of the Twelve Palaces stood at the bottom rungs among all the various powers but as they were the biggest in numbers and generally pulled together against outsiders, they were then just barely able to retain the name as the Twelve Palaces. If it was just any one of the palaces alone, there wouldn't be a need to even mention the one lone region, any one single power from among the Four Sides or the Nine Temples alone would be able to crush them to death!

    From these factors, it was obvious the might of the Dark Regions was truly as terrifying as the rumours said.

    Otherwise, so many years after the Dark Emperor had fallen, why were the various powers in the Middle Realm still fearful of the Dark Regions and did not dare to have the matter about their pursuit of the Dark Emperor's tomb exposed?

    From the beginning, they had already got themselves a portion of the maps but they had not dared to pursue it further but had instead quietly sent them down into the Lower Realm to make the people from the Lower Realm go handle it as their fear of the Dark Regions must have been so deeply rooted that they did not even have the guts to keep the maps in their possession.

    "Bullies who exploit the weak, will almost have retribution coming." Jun Wu Xie could not help but sneer. The Twelve Palaces were cruel and ruthless to the extreme but they were still subdued by the Dark Regions.

    The world ran by the same rule for all. If one was not able to constantly grow stronger and climb up to a higher position, they would only end up devoured by others.

    A boat going against the current would not advance but rather retreat.

    Jun Wu Xie was walking along when she suddenly noticed the firelight overhead wavered a little. The firelight flickered strongly for a period and the light the shone upon everything within the entire walkway suddenly went chaotic.

    Jun Wu Xie's senses immediately went on high alert and every single cell in her body tensed up in nervousness.

    Calculating based on the period of time the Dark Emperor's tomb had been erected and was sealed on all sides, there shouldn't be anyone inside guarding the place. Afterall, with no food and water sources available, to live here for hundreds of years to almost a millennium would be virtually impossible. But one thing instilled the element of doubt into Jun Wu Xie in this regard, causing her to not dare be too certain of it.

    It was what happened to Wen Yu.....

    Wen Yu had coincedently stumbled into the Dark Emperor's tomb, but he did not know how he ended up on the top of the Heaven's End Cliff!
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