Chapter 1342: “The Dark Emperor’s Treasure (4)”

    Chapter 1342: "The Dark Emperor's Treasure (4)"

    That was one point that Jun Wu Xie felt a little strange. With the state that Wen Yu was in at that time, there was no need to talk about him being able to leave the place, as he had not even been able to maintain consciousness.

    Just what was it that sent him out from the Dark Emperor's tomb?

    If it was a person, then it should be a guard guarding the Dark Emperor's tomb. But Wen Yu was an intruder breaking into the tomb, so why didn't the guard just kill him but sent him outside instead?

    And if it was not a guard of the Dark Emperor's tomb, how could he possibly move about so freely inside the Dark Emperor's tomb?

    Just as Jun Wu Xie was cautiously wary, a black shadow flashed past at the end of the corridor!

    "MEOW! ! !" The hair on the back of the little black cat stood on end! The thing that terrified it the most were "ghosts" that many people spoke of! Its claws extended, they clung on tightly into Jun Wu Xie's shoulder, almost scared out of its fur.

    "A ghost! ! Meooow a ghost! ! !" A tragically terrified wail poured out of the little black cat's mouth.

    Jun Wu Xie had initially not been frightened but hearing that wail from the little black cat was what shocked her instead.

    As a spirit body itself and it was scared of a "ghost"?

    [Has it gone out of its mind! ?]

    Jun Wu Xie decided at that moment that if she continued to move in the Dark Emperor's tomb with the little black cat alone, even if nothing else happened, with Little Black jumping up at every little thing, her eardrums would surely rupture very soon.

    Immediately, Jun Wu Xie flicked her hand out and summoned Poppy and Little Lotus to appear.

    When Little Lotus appeared and saw Jun Wu Xie, his face immediately lit up into a brilliant smile where he stretched his stubby arms out wide wanting to leap into Jun Wu Xie's arms. But in the end, he spied Poppy standing behind Jun Wu Xie and he immediately shrank back and shivered, frozen in his spot.

    "Eh? That Lord..... didn't follow you in?" Poppy's gaze swept around the dim walkway but did not see any sign of Jun Wu Yao, and a wicked smile curled up at the corners of his lips.

    "Stop the nonsense. This is the Dark Emperor's tomb and if you do not wish to die, then behave yourself." Jun Wu Xie really wasn't in the mood to put up with their childishness and she did not dare to let down her guard against that shadow that flashed past earlier. If someone from the Dark Regions was really here, with the power she had at her disposal, she couldn't even be sure they would be able to stay alive.

    With the highly reverence the people from the Dark Regions paid to the Dark Emperor, a guard they would place to defend the Dark Emperor's tomb would definitely not just be any average character and if they bumped into each other, a harsh battle would surely ensue.

    She didn't even dare to hope to win but was thinking more about whether she would even survive it.

    The Dark Emperor's tomb was just too immense in size and the crystal she smashed earlier must have been linked to a switch that enabled her to drop down into the Dark Emperor's tomb. But that entrance had immediately been sealed and when she waited there for awhile, she did not see any of the others breaking down the stone door to come in. She then assumed that that way in was completely sealed up and even Jun Wu Yao was unable to open it.

    Continuing to wait there would not help her in anyway and she then decided to find her way out of the Dark Emperor's tomb instead.

    At that moment, Jun Wu Xie was thankful that she had multiple ring spirits and if she truly encountered a situation, she might just be able to turn things around with that.

    With Poppy and Little Lotus joining them, the little black cat was a little more brave but it still hid itself upon Jun Wu Xie's shoulder and absolutely refused to get off.

    But they had barely taken two steps when a black shadow flashed past about ten meters ahead of them!

    Before Jun Wu Xie could even open her mouth to say anything, Poppy had already shot himself forward, his bright red figure turning into a fiery lightning flash under the dim firelight, zipping straight towards the black shadow.

    "Squeak! !"

    A weak but high pitched squeak suddenly sounded!
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