Chapter 1343: “Come Uninvited (1)”

    Chapter 1343: "Come Uninvited (1)"

    That sound was weak and frail as it reverberated within the hollow tomb, but the sound sent chills through one who heard it and the little black cat got so frightened it immediately fainted, falling right off Jun Wu Xie's shoulder. Fortunately, Jun Wu Xie was quick enough and she caught the falling cat in her hands.

    Seeing the little black cat fallen dead unconscious within her arms, words failed Jun Wu Xie that would express how she felt at that moment.

    As a spirit body itself, frightened into a dead faint from a mere soft squeak, how much more "humeowliating" it could be. (Translator Note: sorry, couldn't resist. Forgive the impunity with words.)

    Poppy then moved like another red flash of lightning as he returned through the dimly lit walkway.

    When he stood still before Jun Wu Xie, Poppy was holding something unidentifiable in his hand.

    "It was just this tiny little thing. Nothing to be afraid of." Poppy said and then arched up an eyebrow when he saw the little black cat who had fainted away from fright in Jun Wu Xie's arms while he shook the unidentifiable thing in his hand.

    That strange squeak sounded once again.

    "Squeak..... Squeak....."

    Poppy was holding a furball of a creature in his hand. That little furball's body was the colour of ripened wheat tinged with traces of gold, its size almost as big as a palm.

    Gripped in Poppy's hand, that wheat coloured furball trembled incessantly.

    Jun Wu Xie stared at that furball and a corner of her mouth twitched.

    The little furball didn't look threatening in the slightest whichever way you looked at it and the little black cat had actually fainted away by scaring itself. Its really.....

    "What is that?" Little Lotus asked as he blinked his eyes inquisitively, highly curious about that ball of fur. In terms of courage, Little Lotus was actually several times much more timid than the little black cat. But as a spirit body, he just wasn't afraid of "ghosts"! As it was to him as a ring spirit, "ghosts" were in essence the same as he was, and he did not think that there was anything for him to be fearful of.

    "Is it a ghost?" Little Lotus asked as he poked at the ball of fur. When the furball was poked, it immediately shivered, and that pitiful squeaking sounded once again.

    "It should be a ring spirit." Poppy said as he put the furball on his palm, and tossed it into the air.

    When it found itself suspended in midair, the furball was shocked and it immediately extended itself out!

    Jun Wu Xie was finally able to see that furball clearly for what it was.

    "A hamster?" Jun Wu Xie exclaimed with an eyebrow lifted in surprise. Looking at the creature in the air falling onto Poppy's palm, its four tiny limbs splayed flat as it trembled silently. Jun Wu Xie began to suspect that her eyes were seeing things.

    The unidentified furball that was frightened half to death was a hamster like those rodents she had taken care of in the pet shop early in her past life?

    But is was one size bigger than regular hamsters but several sizes smaller than a guinea pig.

    "Hamster? What is that?" Little Lotus asked, lifting his head up to look quizzically at Jun Wu Xie, his large eyes filled with questions.

    Poppy used his finger to poke at the hamster that had been frightened right out of its wits and said: "This should be a Hell Rodent type ring spirit. It is also one type of ring spirit but it's been a long time since this type of ring spirit had appeared. Even in the Spirit World, such a type of ring spirit is already close to extinction and I would not have thought that I would be able to see this one here. It is said that Hell Rodent type ring spirits are only matched with people from a unique race but that race of people are also close to extinction as well and these Hell Rodents would disappear together with them."

    "Unique race?" Jun Wu Xie asked as she looked at Poppy. It could be due to the threat that Jun Wu Yao issued to him before but Poppy seemed to be a lot better behaved now.

    Poppy nodded his head and said with a smile: "Just like Hua Yao is from the Bone Shifters Tribe. People from that race are usually matched with ring spirits that have something to do with bones while people from the Spirit Soul race are usually paired with spirit type ring spirits."

    (Translator Note: "Spirit Soul race" is currently the most suitable name I could think of in the meantime.)
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