Chapter 1344: “Come Uninvited (2)”

    Chapter 1344: "Come Uninvited (2)"

    Why a certain ring spirit would establish a link with a person was in part already destined. This situation might not be that obvious in the Lower Realm but in the Middle Realm, it was often seen to be the case.

    Besides being classified by different regions, the Middle Realm had people of unique races, like the Bone Shifters race, and the Spirit Soul race.

    People of the Bone Shifters race are naturally gifted with Bone weapons and artifacts, and were hence highly sought after by many powers. Such gift was an advantage that no other was able to duplicate and for people of the Spirit Soul race, they were the elites among the different races.

    It was rumoured that the Spirit Soul race possessed profound knowledge of the spirits and were even able to create spirits and restore spirits.

    The part about their ability to restore spirits, was somewhat similar to Gu Li Sheng's Spirit Healing Technique but the Spirit Healing Technique was achieved by transforming spirit power and using it to repair and restore a spirit body. Even about the technique was improved, its effects were still not perfect. People of the Spirit Soul race were born with an innate ability to communicate with spirits and their senses were sensitive enough to perceive things hidden deep within spirits.

    A very long time ago, the Spirit Soul race was the most powerful race in the Middle Realm. They were powerful and mysterious but the Spirit Soul race had very low reproductive rate. The race was not able to procreate and grow in numbers but only for a small portion of their people.

    "Is Mistress aware that there is a Soul Return Palace among the Twelve Palaces?" Poppy asked as he looked at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded. She not only knew about the Soul Return Palace, she had crossed paths with them before. Hadn't that old hag Qu Xin Rui from the Thousand Beast City been from the Soul Return Palace?

    "Actually, right in the beginning, the Twelve Palaces were originally created by the elite members of the different races. They founded the Twelve Palaces in order to protect the small numbers of their race. Talking about it now, it is rather strange. Those races who possessed extraordinary gifts, always had low reproductive abilities, causing their races to number very few, and the Spirit Soul race had the fewest numbers among all. It was at that time in the beginning that the Head of the Spirit Soul race founded the Soul Return Palace but as the Twelve Palaces themselves grew stronger and stronger, the positions of the various Palace Lords became different and deception and mistrust became rampant. The founders were overthrown over myriad reasons through a variety of ways and they grew to become the Twelve Palaces of today."

    Poppy paused for a moment before he continued to say: "The current Soul Return Palace now, still uses things left behind by the people of the Spirit Soul race but what a great pity it was. Long ago, the Spirit Soul race met with a disaster and they disappeared from the Middle Realm completely. Now it seems that within the Dark Emperor's tomb, there just might be people who are of the Spirit Soul race but it's hard to say."

    [People from the Spirit Soul race.....]

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed.

    That tiny hamster who had almost been frightened to death only regained its senses after much of the day had passed. When it opened its eyes, it saw itself surrounded by Jun Wu Xie and Little Lotus, its black beady eyes filled with nervousness and anxiety. When its gaze turned to look at the little black cat within Jun Wu Xie's arms.....

    "Squeak! ! !"

    With a high squealing squeak, the hamster fell into a dead faint, lying limp and unmoving on Poppy's palm, its tiny claws shaking slightly.

    "....." Jun Wu Xie suddenly felt her scorn of the little black cat's gutlessness might have been a mistake. This little hamster who had been frightened to faint away just by seeing an unconscious little black cat should really be given the crown for being the title holder of pure timidness!

    "Will a ring spirit like this really be of any use?" Jun Wu Xie asked with an eyebrow raised up. A ring spirit that was so helplessly timid to such a marvelous extent, would almost be no different from a pet regardless of what kind of person it was linked to.
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