Chapter 1346: “Come Uninvited (4)”

    Chapter 1346: "Come Uninvited (4)"

    But when the Hell Rodent ran out, it did not leave immediately but stood at a spot it thought itself to be safe. It had stopped itself suddenly and its rounded body stood up as it stared at Jun Wu Xie with its black beady eyes where no one know what thoughts were going through its mind.

    Just as Drunk Lotus was about to move to chase it away, the Hell Rodent suddenly lifted its tiny front paws and fiddled around with its mouth before its bulging cheeks.

    A tiny little orb was suddenly spat out from inside its mouth and it held it in its tiny paws before putting it down upon the ground. It then glanced once more at Jun Wu Xie before it turned itself around and scampered off without another moment's hesitation, its tiny body quickly disappearing under the dim firelight.

    "What was that for?" Drunk Lotus was a little stunned by the little creature's actions.

    Poppy then lifted his chin slightly and looked at Drunk Lotus to say: "Don't you even know the meaning of repaying a debt of gratitude?"

    Upon saying that, Poppy walked forward to pick up the orb that was coated with the Hell Rodent's drool and brought it to come before Jun Wu Xie.

    The orb was about the size of a quail egg, snowy white throughout, its physical material looking to be jade. Upon the surface of the orb, were magnificent carvings, looking like a snake was coiled completely around the orb. The snake's head carved in the middle portion was clear and distinct and in the place where the snake's eyes were, there were two spots of green.

    Jun Wu Xie stared at the carving of the snake upon that orb and somehow felt that the appearance of the snake looked highly familiar.

    Besides the colour of the eyes, it looked highly similar to the Ink Snakes that Jun Wu Yao usually used.

    But for the fact that one was white and the other was black.

    "Such a thing was hidden in the Hell Rodent's mouth? Why did I notice it earlier?" Drunk Lotus asked, feeling rather surprised. The orb was not really that big but to a palm sized rodent, it would be rather hefty. If the Hell Rodent had hidden it inside his mouth, when he held the Hell Rodent earlier, he would surely have noticed it.

    "Hell Rodents are weak with their attacks but their mouths are the best spaces ever, just like a Cosmos Sack. Do not look just at the tiny size of the Hell Rodent. If they possessed enough power, they would be able to swallow an entire mountain of gold and silver. The Spirit Soul race had always used Hell Rodents as their storage spaces and did not need to worry about their things being stolen or seized as they are able to swallow any amount of things and they keep the items well." Poppy said as he looked at Drunk Lotus, a helpless expression on his face saying "you're so hopelessly ignorant."

    That gaze from Poppy made Drunk Lotus almost want to pull back his sleeves and get into a scuffle with him.

    "But from the way things looks, it didn't turn out too badly. That Hell Rodent did not seem to harbour any ill intentions towards Mistress and is not expected that it will complain to its Master." Poppy then said with a smile.

    Jun Wu Xie took the orb with the carving of the snake in her hand and brought it before her eyes to carefully study it, and a strange thought suddenly came into her mind.

    When Wen Yu stumbled into the Dark Emperor's tomb previously, had his situation been the same as hers where the place he had fallen at had a trapdoor underneath and when he fell and hit the switch, he that was how he had fallen down into the Dark Emperor's tomb?

    And that Soul Calming Jade had been given to him by the very same little Hell Rodent?

    If all this turned out to be correct, then Jun Wu Xie could be fairly certain that the person who had brought Wen Yu out from the Heaven's End Cliff was the Master of that Hell Rodent!

    That person had not harmed Wen Yu but had even taken him out out the place instead. Based on that, that person's temperament wouldn't be too cruel.

    With that thought in mind, Jun Wu Xie kept the orb away and continue on her way.

    After walking for a rather long while, they finally came to a turn upon the walkway and was faced with a fork where the path split into two. One path led down another endless corridor with beams and pillars staggered at regular intervals while the second one was a humongous stone door!
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