Chapter 1347: “One Day Tour of the Tomb (1)”

    Chapter 1347: "One Day Tour of the Tomb (1)"

    The enormous stone door was not completely shut but was left slightly ajar with a tiny opening. The gap was very small, just about two fingers' width and not enough for a person to pass, but at the bottom of the stone door, some faint depressions could be seen. Those depressions were only about the thickness of hair strands looking like they left behind by something that scraped against it.

    "This is where that Hell Rodent burrowed itself out from?" Drunk Lotus asked with a eyebrow lifted up. They had only been within the pillared corridors all this time and besides this stone door, they had not seen any other exit. The Hell Rodent was a ring spirit and could not have appeared out of nowhere. From the look of those tiny scratches, they must have been left behind when the Hell Rodent squeezed itself through this gap.

    Jun Wu Xie could not help but have a hilarious image form in her mind where that Hell Rodent that was so soft and fluffy it was as if it did not have any bones squeezing its tiny behind through this tiny gap, its small tiny claws scratching furiously at the stone door as it struggled to push itself through.

    "If that Hell Rodent was able to come from there, it should be rather safe behind that door." Poppy said as he walked forward with his hand stretched out to push the door open.

    But when he pushed against it, the stone door stood before him without budging in the slightest.

    An expression of surprise showed on Poppy's face and he pushed again at it with all his might, but the door stood defiantly in front of him, refusing to even budge a fraction of an inch.

    "....." The sinister facade upon Poppy's face began to show signs of cracking.

    "Haha." Drunk Lotus laughed jeeringly as he stood at the side with his arms folded across his chest, looking at Poppy's vexed expression.

    Poppy coughed slightly and stared at Drunk Lotus' insultingly smiling face. "This is not a regular stone door. It's a little heavier than usual."

    It was way more than a little!

    Although Poppy was not known for his strength, his strength was still not what an average person could hope to compare with. Even when he used every single ounce of his strength, he was still not even able to move that door an inch, which just told him that the weight of that door was way much heavier than it looked.

    A stone door that even a Purple Spirit was not able to budge.....

    Just that single side of the stone door was at least more than ten tons.

    Which would be a weight more hefty than two full grown male african elephants added together!

    Even when the strongest among them, Drunk Lotus tried to push it, he was merely left red faced from the exertion and could not succeed at it as well.

    At that moment, Drunk Lotus couldn't laugh at Poppy anymore.

    "What is this stone door actually made of? How could it be so heavy! ?" Drunk Lotus complained as he panted heavily, thinking that the stone door was truly shockingly heavy.

    Even when the three of them combined their strength, they were still not able to move it in the slightest.

    With just the strength of the few of them, it was virtually impossible for them to open that door. After considering it for a while, Jun Wu Xie came up with an idea.

    The gap in the door was really tiny and it would be impossible for the few of them to squeeze themselves through. But for the pint sized little black cat, it might just be able to squeeze itself through.

    "The two of you just stand guard here. If you come across any dangers, avoid any battles and just grab me up and run. If you encounter any of the others, see if the others are able to push open the door." As Jun Wu Xie spoke, she sat herself down with her back leaning against the wall, and the little black cat then hopped onto her lap to lie down upon it.

    Having already come inside the Dark Emperor's tomb, the curiosity deep inside Jun Wu Xie's heart drove her to want to go past the stone door to find out what was behind it. Although she was unable to do it herself, but the little black cat could!

    Although Poppy and Drunk Lotus did not understand what Jun Wu Xie was going to do next, but as her ring spirits, they submitted themselves to her orders.

    Jun Wu Xie then closed her eyes slowly, looking as if she had fallen asleep.
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