Chapter 1348: “One Day Tour of the Tomb (2)”

    Chapter 1348: "One Day Tour of the Tomb (2)"

    Jun Wu Xie then closed her eyes slowly, looking as if she had fallen asleep.

    Very soon, the little black cat stood up from Jun Wu Xie's lap and with a slight shake of its body, it walked before the stone door.

    Poppy and Drunk Lotus stared with their eyes slightly widened, looking in surprise at the little black cat whose demeanor had completely changed. Unable to put their finger on it, they were suddenly overcome with the feeling that their MIstress had somehow turned into that little black cat who always felt like it deserved a thrashing!

    "Guard me properly." The little black cat turned its head, and said to Drunk Lotus and Poppy.

    That voice and its tone, was exactly like that of Jun Wu Xie's!

    In an instant, the two ring spirits were stunned and they could not do anything to react but to stare at the little black cat's lithe and seemingly boneless body slip itself into the tiny gap in the stone door.

    It was not until a long while later that Drunk Lotus finally lowered his head to stare at Jun Wu Xie sitting on the floor with her eyes closed and at rest that he gulped.

    The little black cat was small in size and the bodies of cats were always lithe and nimble. Jun Wu Xie had shifted her spirit into the body of the little black cat and borrowed that tiny little form. She slipped herself through the gap in the stone door and from the perspective of the little black cat, the space within the Dark Emperor's tomb was made even more immense. After passing through the stone door, the dim firelight flickered and shook as it shone upon the body of the little black cat, casting a small tiny shadow on the floor.

    Within the empty and cavernous hall, not a single decorative adornment could be seen but for a carved white jade throne placed upon a raised platform that had steps leading up to it. Upon the four walls of the wide and expansive hall, were covered with more lifelike wall murals but the carvings were different here from those in the pillared corridor before. These murals were filled with colours, brightening up every single carving brilliantly to make them even more breathtaking.

    But the otherwise emptiness of the spacious hall felt strange, making the single jade throne appear rather dreary.

    This did not look to be the main hall. Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes as she opened her highly agile cat stride and moved within the huge hall. Far ahead of her, she could see the other end of the hall where another enormous stone door stood half ajar and she immediately wanted to leap over to take a gander.

    But when she had just managed to reach right before that stone door, a huge shadow suddenly came approaching from behind it!

    "Eeh?" A voice rang out questioningly. A petite little figure pushed open that astoundingly heavy door and came walking inside.

    A clear and crisp tinkle accompanied that figure as it appeared, reverberating within the emptiness of the wide hall.

    Jun Wu Xie hid herself behind the wide jade throne, her sleek body pressed against the ground, warily watching the figure that had suddenly appeared within the hall through a crack beneath the throne.

    It was a little young girl looking to be about twelve years of age and was dressed in a black clothes with her two tiny feet bare as she stepped upon the cold floor. Around both her ankles, were silver anklets with bells attached to them, which tinkled clearly and merrily with every step she took.

    What Jun Wu Xie thought was strange about the girl was that she wore a dark black mask that covered over half her face. The other half of her face that was revealed wouldn't exactly be described as beautiful but might just barely be considered to be attractive.

    But for such a young little girl to appear within the Dark Emperor's tomb, it would seem a little strange.

    "That's strange, I thought I saw something here?" The young girl wearing a metal mask that covered half of her face asked in puzzlement as she looked around the seemingly empty hall. She had definitely just seen a little shadow flash pass before her eyes, so where was it now?

    "Little Squeak, is it you?" She called out just to see if there would be a response.

    "Squeak!" And a spherical shadow sped across the floor in a scamper straight towards her!
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