Chapter 1349: “One Day Tour of the Tomb (3)”

    Chapter 1349: "One Day Tour of the Tomb (3)"

    "Running all over the place again. If you are locked up someday, you'll then suffer for it." The little girl said as she squatted on the floor, stretching out her hand to carry up the little Hell Rodent that came bounding over to her as a sweet smile showed upon the half of her face that was not covered.

    The Hell Rodent stood up on its hind legs, its black beady eyes looking at its Mistress, looking highly adorable and obedient.

    The little girl laughed lightly and put the Hell Rodent onto her shoulder before turning around to go back through the stone door she had just come in through.

    Jun Wu Xie had just wanted to come out from under the throne when she saw that the little girl had turned back, but was carrying a wooden bucket filled with water this time.

    Jun Wu Xie had no choice but to hide herself back beneath the throne.

    The fact that inside the Dark Emperor's tomb, was a young little girl like this, really seemed too strange for words. Looking at the young girl, one would guess that she was about twelve years of age but she was able to move around freely within the tomb. And that stone door that even the combined strength of Jun Wu Xie and her two ring spirits were not even able to budge in the slightest, had been just like a common wooden door to the little girl, opening with just a slight push from her!

    No matter how harmless that little girl looked, Jun Wu Xie knew she must not see her as any regular little girl.

    The little girl then carried the wooden bucket to the middle of the hall and she then rolled her sleeve up. Grabbing a wet cloth from within the bucket, she knelt down and began to scrub at every tile on the floor.

    "....." Jun Wu Xie remained silent as she hid beneath the white jade throne and watched, seeing the little girl carefully scrub with that cloth till she cleaned every single corner, and she became rather speechless.

    The Dark Emperor's tomb looked like it had been built from quite a long time ago and judging from the actions of the little girl, she was already quite used to doing this.

    Jun Wu Xie hadn't really ever thought that in a tomb that was very easily a thousand years old would have someone actually cleaning up the place all around. From what she was seeing, the little girl didn't really treat this place as a tomb, but more like a palace that was used as a residence.

    Actually, from the moment she came into the Dark Emperor's tomb, she had already noticed about the place. Instead of calling it a tomb, it might more aptly be called a enormous palace. It might be said that in the hearts of the people in the Dark Regions, the Dark Emperor had not fallen and lived there within their hearts. Building up this tomb and burying every single piece of his treasures in here was just to allow the Dark Emperor to continue to enjoy everything he had when he had been alive.

    The little girl scrubbed at the floor tiles vigorously, like she did not feel the least bit tired. Throughout the wide and expansive hall, she scrubbed every spot carefully and conscientiously as she hummed a little tune, not exhibiting the slightest bit of unwillingness while she went about with her tasks.

    Occasionally, she would also whisper inaudibly to the Hell Rodent upon her shoulder.

    "Little Squeak, you must not run about on your own anymore. If you happen to meet those bad people again, what will you do if they catch you?" The little girl might have become tired as she stopped the work she had on her hands for awhile to hold up the tiny rounded Hell Rodent while she sat herself down upon the clean tiled floor.

    The Hell Rodent seemed to sense the admonishment in its Mistress' tone and it squeaked indignantly in arrogance as it swayed its plump behind while shuffling around on the little girl's palm, eliciting a tinkle of laughter from the little girl.

    "Throw a tantrum all you want, but you're not allowed to run carelessly about. Otherwise, if the Dark Emperor comes to know about it in future, you're really going to be in for it." The little girl said as she poked at the Hell Rodent's soft belly.

    Jun Wu Xie who had remained in hiding all this time suddenly felt her heart jump.

    [If the Dark Emperor comes to know about it in the future?]

    [What is that supposed to mean? !]

    [Could the Dark Emperor still be alive?]

    That strange thought suddenly formed within Jun Wu Xie's mind. The little girl did not know that she was there in that hall and her words were spoken to the tiny Hell Rodent, hence, there couldn't possibly be any untruth in those words she spoke!
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