Chapter 1350: “One Day Tour of the Tomb (4)”

    Chapter 1350: "One Day Tour of the Tomb (4)"

    [The Dark Emperor is not dead!] The moment that thought rose within Jun Wu Xie's mind, it sent chills running through her body.

    But a moment after that, she quickly rejected that idea. With the Dark Emperor's overwhelming power and his haughty arrogance, if he was truly still alive, he would never allow those despicable scoundrels from the Twelve Palaces to even lust after his possessions, and he would never let the Middle Realm descend into such messy chaos.

    As Jun Wu Xie was deeply immersed in her own thoughts, the little girl began to speak to the Hell Rodent again.

    She pointed at the wall murals within the hall and began to expound long windedly on the stories behind the mural.

    The wall murals within the hall were intricate and exquisite and the little girl's voice was filled with a kind of reverence and worship that came straight out from her heart. She knelt upon the floor as she held the Hell Rodent on her palm, her eyes gazing fervently upon the tall and mysterious form depicted upon the mural.

    The Hell Rodent had already become highly used to the little girl's unusual behaviour of her almost seemingly speaking to herself and it just laid itself flat in a limp heap upon the little girl's palm, not really caring what she was saying on her own.

    After speaking about it at length, the little girl finally suppressed the devoted worship in her eyes and picked up the wet cloth once again to continue with her work. Only after she cleaned every spot within the hall and it was spic and span did she finally stand up in satisfaction. She carried the water bucket back to the door she had come in by and wiped at the perspiration on her forehead.

    Just as Jun Wu Xie was thinking that it was time for the hardworking little girl to find herself a place to go rest, the little girl suddenly said to the Hell Rodent.

    "I've already finished cleaning the place. Quickly put everything back in there."

    Upon finishing saying that, she bent down and put the little Hell Rodent upon the floor.

    The Hell Rodent shifted itself with its tiny little claws and dawdled with slow steps to move itself forward.

    And what happened in the next moment truly and greatly shocked Jun Wu Xie!

    She saw the Hell Rodent suddenly plop its behind upon the floor and it tiny front claws began to quickly pull things out from its tiny mouth in a scatter!

    A myriad mix of tinkle and clatter rang out resoundingly within the air of the enormous hall!

    An uncountable amount of treasure, gold, silver, precious gems and pearls continued to pour out from the Hell Rodent's mouth, quickly filling up the floor tiles before the Hell Rodent in an instant!

    But all of that, was still far from over. The Hell Rodent's mouth was like a bottomless hole as an endless stream of treasures was spat out from its mouth. Even things that were obviously tens or even hundreds times bigger than the Hell Rodent itself still came pouring out from its mouth effortlessly!

    Ever since Jun Wu Xie received the Cosmos Sack from Yan Bu Gui, Jun Wu Xie realized that in this world, special inter dimensional spaces where people were able to store things existed but she had never once thought that these storage spaces existed in forms that were..... alive as well!

    And, the time it took to blink, the treasures that the Hell Rodent spat out had already filled up almost half the massive hall!

    Its storage capacity was way beyond what her Cosmos Sack was capable of!

    At that moment, Jun Wu Xie realized that Poppy's description of the Hell Rodent had been honest and accurate.

    A Hell Rodent half the size of a palm was really able to swallow entire mountains of gold and silver!

    The originally void and empty hall, was soon filled with glittering treasures of all kinds. At a glance, the entire floor was covered with gold and silver, precious gems and pearls. The gems each big as a pigeon egg were scattered all over, densely packed together like they were cobblestones.

    The Hell Rodent was still spitting things out when suddenly a unidentified white object was suddenly spat out from the Hell Rodent's mouth and it rolled in a hollow clatter to finally knock itself against the jade throne that Jun Wu Xie was hiding under.

    Jun Wu Xie peeked through a crack at the bottom of the throne and saw the unidentified item that had come rolling over and her heart suddenly thumped a beat!

    The thing that had rolled over to her was not any piece of precious treasure but was a skull!
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