Chapter 1351: “One Day Tour of the Tomb (5)”

    Chapter 1351: "One Day Tour of the Tomb (5)"

    That garish skull only had bone left and its vacant eye sockets were in a direction facing straight at Jun Wu Xie where at first glance, it looked like it was staring at Jun Wu Xie.

    If this had been the little black cat instead, it was guessed that it would have fallen into a dead faint immediately.

    But Jun Wu Xie merely cast its glance in its direction, calm and unaffected.

    "Little Squeak!" The little girl's voice was tinged with displeasure as she stepped over the deep piles of treasures to come before the jade throne and picked up the skull in her hand.

    The Hell Rodent that was still happily spitting forth the treasures suddenly froze under the shout from the little girl. A Luminous Pearl that was the size of a chicken egg was only spat out halfway with the Hell Rodent's mouth stretched wide open as it stood blinking its black beady eyes with a blank expression at its Mistress.

    "How many time have I said this? Do not keep the bones of those bad people!" The little girl said displeased with a frown upon her face as she stared at the human skull in her hand, her eyes filled with disdain.

    The Hell Rodent spat the Luminous Pearl out with a thunk and quickly scuttled over to go before the little girl. It then stood upon its hind legs and stretched out its pair of tiny claws.

    The little girl handed the human skull over to the Hell Rodent and said: "Filthy things like this, digest it away. Don't let it profane the Lord Dark Emperor's place."

    Immediately upon saying that, she used her sleeve and wiped at the places the skull had rolled over earlier.

    The Hell Rodent could do nothing but to swallow the human skull back in through its mouth.

    "If you throw such filthy stuff out again, I am going to have to punish you." The little girl admonished the Hell Rodent with mock sternness after she wiped the places clean.

    The Hell Rodent nodded obediently and then dawdled a while more before it went on spitting out treasures. Only when the entire hall was completely filled did the Hell Rodent finally close its mouth.

    The little girl went one round to inspect the place and after seeing that there wasn't anything unusual, she then turned to walk towards the door on the inside. She pushed the door open bringing the Hell Rodent with her and her front foot had just stepped out when as if she just remembered something, she stuck her head back in and spoke into the hall that was filled with treasures.

    "Aren't you going to come out? I'm going to close the door and if you still do not come out, you'll be stuck in here. You won't be able to open this door."

    That voice echoed within the enormous hall and struck right at Jun Wu Xie's heart.

    Those words, seemed to be directed at her.

    [Could it be possible that she had noticed her presence? !]

    "Don't worry, I will not harm you. If you are alright, then just have a walk around with me. If you're shut in here, then you'll definitely not be able to get out." The little girl said patiently.

    Jun Wu Xie struggled for an extremely short period of time. The little girl had obviously already discovered her but from the tone of her voice, she had not been able to detect any malice.

    After a moment, Jun Wu Xie then walked out slowly from under the jade throne in the little black cat's form.

    In the instant that the little girl saw Jun Wu Xie, her face lit up with a brilliant smile.

    "So it's actually just a cat. Your spirit is rather messed up and I was not able to sense your core. Don't worry, I know you are a spirit body and I will not do any harm to you. Come on and follow me."

    Jun Wu Xie hesitated another moment before she slowly walked over to her. The eyes of the little Hell Rodent that was lying upon the little girl's shoulder immediately widened when it saw Jun Wu Xie, its gaze somewhat puzzled, and a little confused.

    [It had seen this black cat earlier, but..... it seems a little different. Its spirit feels rather different from before.]

    Jun Wu Xie lifted her eyes to look at the little girl who was all smiles as she lifted her paw to walk forward.

    She walked up past the stone door and the little girl pulled it close with a smile on her face.
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