Chapter 1352: “One Day Tour of the Tomb (6)”

    Chapter 1352: "One Day Tour of the Tomb (6)"

    After entering through the stone door, there was a wide corridor. Compared to the pillared corridor she had passed before, this one before her eyes was much brighter and cleaner and from the walls to the floor slabs, they were all formed up with white bricks. Jun Wu Xie could not clearly identify the material of the bricks but she was at least able to differentiate that they were not something that existed within the Lower Realm.

    The little girl really seemed to hold no enmity towards the little black cat that had suddenly appeared as she merely walked side by side with the little black cat while carrying the water bucket in her hand.

    "Did you get yourself separated from your Master? All of you really shouldn't come to this place you know? Anyway, I see that your spirit isn't really in a stable state, did you get yourself severely injured before?" The little girl asked the little black cat with a rather worried look.

    Jun Wu Xie stopped in her steps and looked warily at the little girl.

    The little black cat was itself a spirit body and the little girl had obviously looked upon her as a ring spirit.


    [How did she even discover her?]

    The little girl seemed to understand Jun Wu Xie's unspoken question and she squatted down to look at Jun Wu Xie smilingly.

    "Are you curious how I managed to discover you?"

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    The little girl gave a light laugh and pointed at her own nose to say: "It's because I am of the Spirit Soul race. People of the Spirit Soul race are most sensitive to spirit bodies and I am even able to sense that your spirit is rather chaotic now. I saw that you do not possess strong power and that is why I allowed you to follow me. You are the same as Little Squeak, both are rather harmless. If you are a bad one with aggressive might, I wouldn't be this nice to you you know?"

    The little girl spoke very slowly, and the meaning she was trying to bring across came out rather messily.

    Jun Wu Xie could roughly feel that the little girl must have been cut off from the rest of the world for too long and her ability to express herself was almost in a similar state to how Jun Wu Xie herself had been in the beginning, where the delivery was not smooth. But the difference between them was that the little girl did not clamp up or become unwilling to speak, but was instead seen to love talking.

    Even when it was only about how she knew about spirit bodies, she had already been able to say so much.

    That was one point that Jun Wu Xie would acknowledge she paled in comparison.....

    But the little girl's words had attracted Jun Wu Xie's attention as well.

    Spirit Soul race.....

    Poppy had mentioned it earlier that the Hell Rodent would be more inclined towards being matched with someone of the Spirit Soul race and judging from the relationship between the little girl and the Hell Rodent, it wasn't that difficult to ascertain her identity.

    People of the Spirit Soul race were born with an innate liking toward spirit bodies and as Jun Wu Xie and the little black cat has exchanged their spirits, the state of their spirits would inadvertently be chaotic, causing the little girl to think that Jun Wu Xie was a wounded ring spirit who possessed no attack capabilities.

    That was what made the little girl relax her guard.

    Instead of saying that the little girl was numbingly careless, it could rather be said that she merely had complete confidence instead.

    Jun Wu Xie wasn't about to assume that a little girl who was able to push open the stone door would be a defenceless weakling. Moreover, to have been picked to remain here at the Dark Emperor's tomb, she must have been carefully selected by the people from the Dark Regions. Besides those points, if the little girl had already been here since the Dark Emperor's tomb was built, then..... she would be at least a thousand years old!

    "But I'm afraid that your Master would not remain alive much longer. But it's all right! Even when your Master dies, you can then return to the Spirit World and wait for your new Master then." The little girl said innocently, speaking of life and death, like it was a highly casual thing.

    The little girl then stood up, and opened another stone door along the corridor while carrying the water bucket in her hand. The scene that met her eyes behind that stone door, was exactly the same as what Jun Wu Xie had seen in the hall before, the entire floor filled with countless treasure.
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