Chapter 1353: “One Day Tour of the Tomb (7)”

    Chapter 1353: "One Day Tour of the Tomb (7)"

    This time, Jun Wu Xie saw with her own eyes just how powerful the Hell Rodent's storage ability really was. The entire hall's treasures, was swallowed cleanly and completely by the Hell Rodent in ten minutes.

    When the room was emptied out, the little girl then carried a bucket of water to go in and clean up, repeating everything she had done for the other hall.

    But this time, the little girl had a "little black cat" by her side.

    Jun Wu Xie merely sat there quietly to watch as the little girl got busy. She had intended to just go in further into the Dark Emperor's tomb to understand what the situation was like inside but she had now been discovered by this little girl who claimed to be from the Spirit Soul race. Although the other party had no intention of causing her any harm, Jun Wu Xie did not want to upset the assumption the little girl had made and played along while she made use of her time by the little girl's side to observe the secrets in the Dark Emperor's tomb that was not known to anyone.

    The Dark Emperor's tomb was just huge, rather astoundingly immense. After the pillared corridor, were palatial halls one after another that were filled with endless amounts of treasure. After passing through the halls, was another long walkway, and along the walkway were tens other large halls filled to the brim with treasure.

    The little girl went tirelessly to every one of them to dust and clean, duplicating the extremely dull and dry task repeatedly one time after another.

    She occasionally hummed a little tune, while sometimes she would say a few words to the Hell Rodent, and there were also some instances where she would attempt to tell a few things to the little black cat she had just "picked up".

    Unfortunately, the little girl soon found out that the little cat ring spirit's personality was even more silent than the Hell Rodent and no matter what she said, the little black cat would just listen to her talk quietly and not give her any reaction.

    After several consecutive hours, the little girl finally finished cleaning all the halls linked to this particular walkway and that was when she allowed herself to rest. She sat herself down upon the mountain of gold nonchalantly, like the things she was resting upon were no different from common pebbles.

    Being at leisure now, the little girl's attention was very soon drawn back onto Jun Wu Xie.

    "You came in from outside, so what is the situation out there now? Do the flowers still bloom? I have not left this place for a very long time and I really do not know what the world outside is like anymore." The little girl said, muttering to herself, but also looking like she was just ranting to Jun Wu Xie.

    "The last time I went out, it was because I brought that person out. But..... if Big Brother got to know about it, he will surely get angry again." The little girl said and she stuck out her tongue sheepishly, looking slightly embarrassed. "But that had been a good person right? He had no more strength to resist anymore."

    The confusing jumble of her ramblings, made the words the little girl said sound rather strange.

    But Jun Wu Xie had understood her.

    If her guess was not wrong, the "good person" the little girl mentioned should be Wen Yu.

    From the way things looked, Wen Yu had been brought out of the Heaven's End Cliff by this naive little girl back then, and the Soul Calming Jade was most probably something the Hell Rodent spat out from its mouth.


    As the protector of the Dark Emperor's tomb, was having such a gentle and naive personality really a suitable choice?

    Jun Wu Xie stared at the natural and simple minded girl and could not make herself agree that her personality would make a good guard of the Dark Emperor's tomb, but she had noticed that the little girl had mentioned her "Big Brother".

    Could it be that within this Dark Emperor's tomb, the little girl was not the only person in here?

    Her elder brother might really be here as well!

    That realization made Jun Wu Xie suddenly lift up her paw and touched the little girl lightly on her knee.

    This was the first time that the little girl managed to get a response from the little black cat. Regardless that it might have been just a light touch, it was nevertheless enough to make her break out into a bright smile. But the metal half face mask she wore stood out more in contrast in that instance, covering over one half of her genuine and innocent smile.
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