Chapter 1354: “One Day Tour of the Tomb (8)”

    Chapter 1354: "One Day Tour of the Tomb (8)"

    "You don't have to be afraid, my elder brother would not harm a spirit body." The little girl said quickly in a reassuring voice, thinking that the little black cat was frightened.

    Jun Wu Xie turned her gaze round the surroundings, seemingly asking the little girl where her elder brother was.

    The smile on the little girl's face stiffened and her eyes were suddenly tinged with a trace of depression.

    "I can't see him, and he can't see me. But I know that he is right there..... Big Brother has always been with me and even though we can talk to each other together, it's still alright."

    Jun Wu Xie could not understand what she was hearing.

    "It's really alright. I have Little Squeak accompanying me here, and there are also other spirit bodies that come frequently as well. But as their Masters were all killed by Big Brother, they are all unable to stay here long even though I want them to stay to chat with me." The little girl said as she bit her lip, suddenly raising her head up to look at the little black cat.

    "I really wish that your Master does not come any closer to this place. If he forces his way in, he will surely die." When she said those words, the eyes of the little girl were highly serious.

    "And when he dies, you will then soon have to return back to the Spirit World....." The direction of the little girl's words suddenly turned, and her eyes fell back into depression once again.

    "....." Jun Wu Xie found that she was beginning to understand. The little girl had truly been closed in for too long and for every slight little thing, she was able to talk a lot about it.

    This was probably the aftereffects from having been shut in too long and judging from the messy and disjointed way the little girl expressed herself with her speech, Jun Wu Xie could not help herself but feel strong empathy for the little girl.

    It was not that hard to deduce from the little girl's words that her elder brother was the real protector of the Dark Emperor's tomb but it was not known why she would be here at this place as well.

    [Because the siblings were very close?]

    [But why were the siblings not able to meet?]

    Jun Wu Xie was unable to come to a conclusion.

    Just as the little girl was "rambling nonsense" to the little black cat, suddenly, a violent rumble shook the entire hall that they were in!

    All the treasure piled up within the hall shook with the violent rumble, a clear tinkle sounding in the air.


    A resounding blast sounded from somewhere not too far from them.

    The little girl who had been seated down immediately stood up with an expression of shock on her face, as she struggled to stand upon the heavily shaking ground!

    "Someone's attacking..... It's the enemy..... It's those bad people....." The little girl's face was quickly showing startlement.

    Surprise flashed in Jun Wu Xie's eyes, but she did not think that the ruckus was from an enemy. If what she thought was right, there was only one person who would be able to kick up such a huge commotion at the Dark Emperor's tomb.

    Just as Jun Wu Xie was still thinking whether she should take the chance to escape, an astounding sight played out right before her eyes!

    The entire body of the little girl who had stood up was suddenly shrouded within a plume of black mist, the light mist engulfing the person completely within. The crackling sounds of metal breaking up rang out from the vicinity of her face and the metal mask that covered the left side of the little girl's face suddenly shattered. The cracked pieces from the shattered mask did not fall onto the floor but instead gathered and fused back together at an amazing speed, with a change in its location to cover over the right side of the little girl's face!

    What was even more astounding was that the half of face that was revealed no longer held the slightest bit of the soft gentleness of a young girl. It was the exact same countenance but it felt completely different, where it was brimming with the incisive edge of a male youth!
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