Chapter 1355: “Could This Be A Dream (1)”

    Chapter 1355: "Could This Be A Dream (1)"

    To see a person's aura and demeanor change completely in an instant, was not a situation that Jun Wu Xie had seen often, and even when a person's aura was to change, it wouldn't change a person completely. But the "little girl" before Jun Wu Xie's eyes had made her feel that was exactly what happened.

    Like in just a mere instant, the person in front of her eyes was no longer that innocent and slightly naggy little lass, but a young youth with a razor sharp gaze that exuded murder throughout his entire body!

    The rocking rumble of the ground grew more intense and the booming crashes sounded everywhere.

    The Hell Rodent which had been plopped upon the "little girl's" shoulder had leapt off at the same moment when the metal mask had switched, it's tiny palm sized figure suddenly morphing into a dazzling golden sabre tooth tiger as it landed upon the ground~

    "Who would have the audacity to actually dare come damage the Dark Emperor's tomb!" The soft and demure voice of a young girl had at that moment suddenly changed into the a loud and clear voice of a young male. The eyes of the young youth narrowed slightly and murderous aura flared out terrifyingly from his entire being!

    With a resounding boom, a crash then sounded! ! !

    Upon the roof of the hall that Jun Wu Xie was in, a large gaping hole suddenly opened up!

    Broken rubble rained down with a huge billowing cloud of dust, falling onto the treasure that covered the floor of the large hall, where a clear crisp tinkle sounded.

    The immense dust cloud hung in the air, obscuring Jun Wu Xie's sight. She could only faintly make out a few blurry figures through the large hole that was broken in the ceiling.

    Before she could make out the countenance of the people, the youth that was standing beside her had already suddenly leapt up in a sudden charge, with wisps of residual black mist still remaining at the spot he had just been been standing!

    "All who damages the Dark Emperor's Palace shall die!"

    The voice that was filled with chilling murder rang out as the youth shot through the cloud of dust, leaping atop the large hole, with the Hell Rodent who had morphed into a sabre tooth tiger rushing up just behind him!

    At the moment he broke through the blinding dust and was about to charge at the intruders, a highly elegant and magnificently proud figure met his eyes!

    His eyes saw the handsome and ageless man moving upon the wind, his feet treading upon the air, a gale blowing his long black hair to fan out behind him, his impeccably flawless face showing a warm tinge of rage.

    In that instant, the youth felt all the blood within his entire body turn to ice, the terrifying murder within his eyes dissipating into nothing while he just stood with his eyes wide and his mouth agape at the handsome man that had appeared right before his eyes.


    Before the youth could get the words out from his mouth, a dark shadow suddenly charged right at him, crashing right into him in midair as they tumbled back down into the hall below!

    The next instant, the massive impact from the crash fell into the treasures that covered the ground and a shower of gold and various trinkets fell like rain, scattering all over the place.

    Standing atop the roof of the massive hall, Qiao Chu and the others looked in puzzlement at the figure that Ye Mei had crashed into brutally. That had all happened too suddenly and they still did not know what was really going on.

    "There..... There's actually someone within the Dark Emperor's tomb?" Qiao Chu said as he stretched his neck out, wanting to peer down the hole that had opened up. But as the cloud of dust was just too thick, he could not see what was going on at all.

    When Jun Wu Xie had accidentally fallen into the Dark Emperor's tomb, while Qiao Chu and the other companions had been caught in a state of panic, that was when they witnessed once again the terrifying might of Jun Wu Yao.

    The man who always carried a devilish smile upon his face had at the very moment the figure of Jun Wu Xie disappeared from sight, lost all traces of that smile. Although he had not said a word, but the aura emanating from his entire body made Qiao Chu and all the others find it extremely hard to breathe.
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