Chapter 1356: “Could This Be A Dream (2)”

    Chapter 1356: "Could This Be A Dream (2)"

    They saw with their own eyes, Jun Wu Yao in his unbridled rage, using nothing but pure brute strength to smash through the boundary barrier before the Dark Emperor's tomb!

    And upon the roof of the impenetrable Dark Emperor's tomb, he opened up a large gaping hole!

    That magnificent display of pure strength, had all of them standing on the outside felt the entire earth tremble and the mountains shake, as if the heavens were crashing down and the land was splitting apart, a truly terrifying sight.

    This was not the first time that Jun Wu Yao showed his might before the companions, but it was this time that made Qiao Chu and the others develop a kind of reverence towards Jun Wu Yao.

    That kind of might that could bring destruction upon the heavens and exterminate the lands was not strength that a mortal could possibly possess.

    At the moment that Jun Wu Yao had delivered the first strike, the companions had all thought that they would definitely be destroyed together with the Dark Emperor's tomb.

    "Is that the guardian of the Dark Emperor's tomb? Big Brother Wu Yao, would leaving just Ye Mei to deal with him alone really be fine?" Fei Yan could not help but asked a little worriedly. When that dark shadow had charged towards them earlier, they had already felt an immensely oppressive aura emanating from it. That kind of power was at a level beyond any of the people from the Twelve Palaces they had previously encountered.

    It was to the extent that it gave the companions a strange feeling that that person's might was inferior only to Jun Wu Yao among all of them there, even stronger than Ye Sha and Ye Mei by quite a bit.

    Jun Wu Yao did not reply as he remained suspended in midair. Qiao Chu and the companions who were standing behind him had not realized that Jun Wu Yao's eyes had already turned a violet colour.

    That deep pair of violet eyes found a tiny figure among the swirling and billowing cloud of dust and in that instant, his eyes reverted back to their usual jet black shade. He then lifted up a hand and an invisible force then lifted up that tiny figure hidden behind the immeasurable amount of treasure, slowly drawing it closer to him.

    "Eh? Little Black!" Qiao Chu's sharp eyes spotted the little black cat as it was being gradually brought closer before Jun Wu Yao.

    The little black cat's gaze was cold and merely glanced briefly at Qiao Chu once.

    "That is Little Xie." Hua Yao said as he stared in slight surprise at the little black cat, immediately recalling the Soul Transfer Technique Jun Wu Xie had used back when they were in the Qing Yun Clan.

    In the little black cat's body at that moment, should be Jun Wu Xie indeed.

    Jun Wu Yao stretched his hand out and cradled the little black cat who was Jun Wu Xie in his arms, the ruthlessness within his eyes disappearing without a trace. Gently, he rubbed at the ears of the little black cat and said in a deep and gentle voice: "I've found you now."

    Jun Wu Xie lifted her head and looked at Jun Wu Yao.

    Besides Qiao Chu and Hua Yao, all the others did not know that Jun Wu Xie had that ability and they were all looking a little stunned.

    Below them, the sounds of battle quickly erupted which quickly drew their attention.

    They had not thought that there would actually be someone within the Dark Emperor's tomb!

    "Should we go give Big Brother Ye Mei a hand down there?" Qiao Chu asked excitedly, rubbing his fists.

    Jun Wu Yao instead shook his head.

    Down there within the enormous hall, the young youth had been thrown back to the ground by Ye Mei, his back crashing into the floor with great impact but his eyes were still staring widely through the huge cloud of dust, fixed upon the man above the roof of the hall, his head slightly lowered and smiling faintly at the little black cat he carried in his arms, unable to take his eyes off that figure.

    "Dark....." The young youth stuttered. Before he could finish his words, Ye Mei delivered a heavy punch onto the youth which caused him to swallow back those words back down his throat.

    The pain upon his face finally pulled the young youth back to his senses and he looked in confusion at the man who had him pinned on the ground, the expression on the man's face highly aggressive.

    "Ye Mei..... Why are you....." The young youth had not thought that he would still be able to see his familiar companion, unable to contain the surprise upon his face.
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