Chapter 1357: “Could This Be A Dream (3)”

    Chapter 1357: "Could This Be A Dream (3)"

    But immediately after that, Ye Mei continued to pick him up and threw a barrage of brutal strikes, executing an entire set of combination punches which made the youthful spectators like Qiao Chu and the others crowding around the hole above gasp repeatedly in shock!

    The young youth was still slightly stunned by Ye Mei's successive combo attacks, the seemingly highly vicious strikes upon his body only inflicting superficial damage. If he had had his defenses up, they wouldn't have even hurt a single hair upon him. The moves had looked to be tyrannical and domineering, but the damage they really caused was actually just average.

    "What are you doing! !" The young youth shouted with a confused frown on his face as he stared at Ye Mei who was looking like he was prepared to fight him to the death, wondering whether water had gotten into Ye Mei's brains.They had not seen each other for such a long time and they had not even had the chance to have a chat about old times when Ye Mei had suddenly charged right at him in a flurry of strikes!

    Ye Mei did not reply but his strikes increased in intensity instead, forcing a spark of rage to ignite within the young youth.

    "Damn it! I am not taking this lying down anymore! !" The fiery rage in the heart of the young youth roared ablaze and he was just about to retaliate.

    In that instant, Ye Mei crashed himself right into the youth and the two of them were thrown into a corner of the large hall where they could not be seen from the gaping hole in the ceiling.

    "Great lord! I....."

    "Ye Gu! It's been such a long time!" Once away from the scrutinizing gaze of the others, the expression on Ye Mei's face immediately changed, grinning delightedly at the raging youth, Ye Gu.

    Ye Gu was shocked by the speed that the expression on Ye Mei's face had changed and did not recover from it for a long while.

    "My brother, I'm really sorry. I had no choice earlier, don't mind it." Ye Mei said with a forced laugh. Although his words sounded apologetic, but there wasn't the slightest tinge of regret within his heart.

    Don't judge Ye Gu just by his external looks where he seemed to be only about eleven or twelve years old. This seemingly highly youthful Ye Gu here was in reality the Chief Commander of the Night Regime!

    Within the Night Regime, he was tops in battle prowess and throughout the entire Middle Realm, the only people who possessed enough power to overwhelm Ye Gu was just one man, the Dark Emperor alone. If this had been in the past, Ye Mei would never have dared to strike at Ye Gu like today, but the situation had not given him any other choice.

    "Just what is going on? The Dark Emperor..... I just saw the Dark Emperor..... The Dark Emperor he....." Ye Gu heart was still highly overwhelmed from having seen Jun Wu Yao earlier and really wasn't in the right frame of mind to pick a quarrel with Ye Mei.

    How could he have imagined that the Dark Emperor who had been believed to have fallen a long time ago would once again appear before his eyes. At the moment, his mind had just completely exploded with that one revelation!

    "It's a long story." Ye Mei replied with a slight sigh. He then suddenly flicked his hand out and delivered a punch onto the wall beside him, producing a loud crashing sound.

    "You only need to remember that you must not expose Lord Jue's identity, and you cannot reveal the fact that you know us in anyway. That is an order from Lord Jue." Ye Mei was at somewhat of a loss himself. In the instant that he had seen Ye Gu earlier, he had immediately realized that it was a disaster and had charged forward to hold Ye Gu down. If Ye Gu had uttered the two words "Dark Emperor" before everyone, it would have given everything away!

    Ye Gu looked at Ye Mei with a frown on his face. The many years of close brotherhood they had shared before made him quickly realize the reason why Ye Mei had done all of that just now. He lifted a foot and stomped it down to crush the hard floor below as the two chatted while they created sounds like they were still engaged in battle, so that they would not arouse any suspicions.

    "Has Lord Jue..... been fine?" Ye Gu inquired with his eyes lowered.

    "Fine, and not fine at the same time. Lord Jue has his own plans for his affairs and it is not something we should be interfering with. The Night Regime exists only to heed Lord Jue's orders and we only need to carry them out without any need to question them." Ye Mei replied with a reminder.
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