Chapter 1358: “Could This Be A Dream (4)”

    Chapter 1358: "Could This Be A Dream (4)"

    Ye Gu then said with a sneer: "When I came into the Night Regime, I don't even know where you were then! Would I need you to teach me what to do?"

    With that said, Ye Gu lifted a leg and sent Ye Mei flying with a kick!

    The figure of Ye Mei shot within the perimeter of sight from the gaping hole in the roof as his abdomen burned with the pain from Ye Gu's single kick, a trickle of blood immediately flowing out from the corner of his mouth as he stared at Ye Gu still hidden in the corner of the hall.

    Ye Gu mouthed the words with his mouth without a sound: We have to put up a good act and it must look real.

    Ye Mei did not know whether to laugh or to cry at that moment. That rascal was obviously exacting revenge by taking advantage of the situation!

    However, Ye Mei could not give voice to any of those grievances.

    Standing upon the roof of the hall, Qiao Chu and the other companions saw that Ye Mei was wounded and they were all feeling highly anxious, wishing they could all just jump in and battle the guardian of the Dark Emperor's tomb in a fight to the death but were stopped by Ye Sha.

    Just as Ye Mei was resigned to the fact that he would have to battle Ye Gu, Ye Gu suddenly came rushing into the perimeter of sight from up above in the roof.

    He came rushing..... by rolling himself inside!

    "Argh!" Lying curled up tightly upon the ground, Ye Gu let out an agonized wail.

    That pitiful cry, caused Ye Mei to become stunned.

    [What kind of a situation is this now?]

    "What..... power..... My skills have proven to be inferior today..... and I lost to you..... I admit defeat....." Ye Gu struggled to utter those words weakly as he sat propping himself up, the exposed half of his face completely pale. For people who didn't know what was going on, they would have thought that he had just engaged Ye Mei in a highly furious battle and was severely wounded by Ye Mei.

    Only Ye Mei was feeling so aggrieved in his heart that he almost vomited out blood.

    [What an act!]

    [His grandmother! He can really pour it on!]

    [Why had such talented gift gone unnoticed in all those years past!]

    Ye Gu laid upon the ground, his face showing an expression of "I'm almost done in, I have been heavily injured, I am about to die".

    The sudden turn of events quickly elicited a deafening chorus of excited cheers from the youths on top of the roof!

    "Big Brother Ye Mei you're the best!" Qiao Chu shouted excitedly as he stuck out a big thumb at him. In their hearts, the might of the Dark Regions was deep and immeasurable and they had never once thought that the day would come that they would be able to triumph over anyone from within the Dark Regions, but Ye Mei had today "easily" defeated the guardian of the Dark Emperor's tomb, a victory that greatly delighted all of them!

    A twitch formed at the corner of Ye Mei's mouth. Against the exaggerated antics of that bunch of exuberant youths, he really didn't know where to hide his old face.

    His power had nothing to do with this, but it was just that rascal Ye Gu could really put on a convincing act.

    If it had been anyone else, the effect might not have been so obvious.

    Although Ye Gu possessed unbelievable might, but he was born with a baby face and his body size was just like a boy who had not yet fully matured. Even with the halo of the Dark Regions upon his head, in the hearts of people, a half grown boy could not possibly be all that powerful. Hence, with him lying upon the ground with his face pale and looking highly pitiful, it was really hard to differentiate whether it's genuine or faked.

    Under the showers of cheers and words of praise, Ye Mei struggled to maintain his expression like he had just returned from a big battle, while he nodded his head at Qiao Chu and the other companions.

    Having seen through the whole farce, Ye Sha could do nothing but shake his head in resignation discreetly.

    The guardian of the Dark Emperor's tomb was successfully captured, which resolved another one big obstacle for them to enter the Dark Emperor's tomb.

    Jun Wu Yao carried the little black cat which contained Jun Wu Xie's spirit and slowly descended through the air to stand in the middle of the enormous hall that had been thrashed up. Lying upon the ground, Ye Gu fought to contain himself, struggling to not show too much fervour in the eyes that gazed upon the magnificent form of the Dark Emperor.

    Qiao Chu and the others quickly jumped in after and upon landing, they all suddenly gasped in shock at the mountains of treasures, gold silver and jewels that filled up the entire hall!
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