Chapter 1359: “The Spirit Soul Race (1)”

    Chapter 1359: "The Spirit Soul Race (1)"

    What mountains of gold and silver really are!

    They have really seen it now!

    Ye Gu laid upon the ground, his eyes not daring to rest on Jun Wu Yao too long, and not daring to look at Ye Sha and Ye Mei too much, but just watched the idiotic Qiao Chu behaving like a country bumpkin who was gawking stupidly with his eyes widened and mouth agape at the hall full of treasures.

    [Tsk! Where had this bunch of morons come from? Why are they following Lord Jue around? !]

    His mind was filled with endless questions, but Ye Gu could only continue to lie on the ground and act weak.

    It was only with much difficulty before Qiao Chu managed to shift his gaze away from all the rich treasures and saw Ye Gu fallen onto the ground with his face filled with feigned hatred. With that one look, Qiao Chu was then greatly surprised.

    "To think that the guardian of the Dark Emperor's tomb would be such a puny little guy! What are the people from the Dark Regions thinking?"

    Once those words came out from Qiao Chu's mouth, Ye Sha and Ye Mei at the side immediately felt cold sweat down down their backs.

    Ye Gu as a person did not have many peeves, but he absolutely detested it when people said he was "little"!

    Because of that, back when they had been in the Night Regime, he had thrashed up quite a few people.

    Those careless and unintentional words from Qiao Chu, coincidentally touched the one raw nerve on Ye Gu and the two men had seemingly in that same instant, immediately turned to look at Ye Gu.

    As expected, the expression on Ye Gu's face had darkened.

    The two men exchanged a glance between themselves and then leapt towards Ye Gu at the same time together, to hold him down on both sides with their lives.

    Towards Ye Sha's and Ye Mei's actions, Qiao Chu was still too dense to sense anything and merely thought it strange as he asked stupidly: "Big Brother Ye Sha, Big Brother Ye Mei, this little pipsqueak should have sustained severe injuries. Do you really have to be so careful around him?"

    Ye Mei was already on the verge of tears but he had to maintain a calm expression in front of Qiao Chu as he smiled stiffly and said: "He is afterall from the Dark Regions and it is better we be a little more careful about it."

    At the same time, Ye Sha whispered in a very low voice beside Ye Gu's ear: "Chief! Calm down!"

    "Calm his grandmother's leg! From which rock had that little moron sprouted out from? He hasn't even grown out all his hair and he is already courting death! If I do not peel the skin off him, I am not Ye Gu....." Ye Gu immediately exploded.

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei used all their might to try to hold Ye Gu down but the combined strength of the two men were still not enough to overcome Ye Gu's strength. Just at the moment as the two men saw that they were about to be flung out by Ye Gu, Jun Wu Yao's steps suddenly stopped as he carried Jun Wu Xie in in arm, turning his head back slightly with half narrowed eyes, his gaze passing fleetingly over the figure of Ye Gu.

    Ye Gu immediately calmed down.

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei secretly heaved a sigh of relief inwardly. Under the Heavens, the only person who was able to control Ye Gu was only Jun Wu Yao alone.

    Just as Ye Sha and Ye Mei were just heaving a sigh of relief in their hearts, a figure suddenly walked to come stand before the two of them.

    To put it more accurately, the figure had come to stand right before Ye Gu instead.

    Ye Gu was holding back the fire within when he suddenly saw the handsome looking youth appear before his eyes and his brows furrowed together involuntarily.

    Rong Ruo looked at Ye Gu who was wearing a half face mask upon his face and a ripple suddenly rose within her eyes. The corners of her lips trembled slightly and she stared fixedly at Ye Gu's face, her body stiffening slightly.

    "Little Ruo," Fei Yan called out as he came to stand beside Rong Ruo, having quickly detected the strange reaction from Rong Ruo.

    Rong Ruo did not reply to Fei Yan but continued to look at Ye Gu and asked in a subdued voice.

    "You are..... from the Spirit Soul race?"

    Ye Gu was slightly taken aback by the question and he turned to look at Rong Ruo in the eye. In that instant, there was a trace of astonishment in his eyes.

    "Spirit Soul race? Little Ruo, are you saying he is from the Spirit Soul race?" Fei Yan asked in puzzlement.
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