Chapter 1361: “The Spirit Soul Race (3)”

    Chapter 1361: "The Spirit Soul Race (3)"

    Ye Gu stared at Fan Zhuo as he became dead silent, his eyes slightly narrowed.

    Fan Zhuo continued to look at Ye Gu inquiringly.

    The edges of Ye Gu's mouth suddenly curled and he suddenly yelped: "Argh! Ow! Pain pain pain! ! !"

    A sudden howl broke out from Ye Gu's mouth out of nowhere and he was clutching at his abdomen while his face grimaced up in unbearable pain while he fell to the ground to roll in agony.

    Fan Zhuo was taken aback as he raised his eyes to look at Ye Mei.

    Ye Mei was stunned in surprise for a moment before he quickly realized why Ye Gu was reacting like this.

    [The scoundrel was putting on an act again!]

    But those words Fan Zhuo had said earlier had shocked Ye Mei as well. It was true that Ye Gu was indeed of the Spirit Soul race and upon his face he truly wore the Spirit Shackle Mask, but Ye Mei had not thought that Rong Ruo would be able to identify Ye Gu's race at first glance and had not thought that Fan Zhuo would know so much about the Spirit Soul race.

    In order to help Ye Gu cover up, Ye Mei and Ye Sha immediately exchanged a glance between themselves and just picked Ye Gu who was pretending to be in pain up before saying stoically: "We don't know what other kinds of dangers there might be in the Dark Emperor's tomb. We'll just take this guy along with us so we can get a better understanding of the situation in this place."

    Ye Mei's words interrupted and broke off Rong Ruo's and and Fan Zhuo's curiosity at that moment. Their main aim on this journey was to seek the Dark Emperor's tomb afterall and not for people of the Spirit Soul race.

    "Alright. If Little Ruo is interested in the Spirit Soul race, after we get ourselves a little more familiar with this place, we can then ask him more about it then." Fan Zhuo said with a laugh.

    Rong Ruo nodded, but she still seemed rather distracted.

    Fei Yan watched Rong Ruo's expression and could not help but still feel a little worried but he did not know what to say.

    Jun Wu Yao carried Jun Wu Xie and walked on ahead while Jun Wu Xie stuck her head out to peer behind to look at them.

    Ye Gu looked absolutely dreary as he was held up between Ye Mei and Ye Sha but he still managed to notice the little black cat that stuck its head out over Jun Wu Yao's arm. That was the first time that he saw his Lord Jue treating any live form so indulgently. Could that little black cat have become the Dark Emperor's ring spirit?

    But that wasn't likely.....

    With that strange thought filling up his mind, the sorrow on Ye Gu's face faded away quite a bit and Ye Mei also noticed Jun Wu Xie's gaze peering in their direction.

    [That was a extraordinarily intelligent and perceptive one there!]

    [With the slightest careless misstep, they would surely be found out!]

    Ye Mei immediately pinched Ye Gu discreetly and said in a low voice: "Don't let the cat out of the bag."

    "Who will find out? The only ones looking at me now, besides the two of you beside me, is only that one cat." Ye Gu murmured softly back in reply.

    Ye Sha sighed helplessly and then whispered through gritted teeth: "In that cat, resides an astoundingly amazing soul, and that soul is our Lord Jue's heart's most favoured. If you give the game away, you very well know the consequences."

    After Ye Sha's warning, Ye Gu became a lot more subdued and continued to put on an act of being highly bitter and resentful, but in his heart, more and more questions sprouted.

    Jun Wu Xie used her paw to point out the direction, leading Jun Wu Yao to the spot that Drunk Lotus and the others were at.

    With Jun Wu Yao watching over her, her soul traded places with the little black cat once again.

    The moment Poppy and Drunk Lotus saw Jun Wu Yao appear, both of them immediately became so quiet like stoic blocks of stone, not moving an inch from their spots.

    After Jun Wu Xie and the little black cat finished transferring their souls, Ye Gu who witnessed the entire process was completely stunned by what he saw.

    This was the first time he saw someone who was able to switch souls with their ring spirit. He had felt that the little black cat's soul had been rather strange but had not thought that it could be this strange.

    The fact that a human soul can switch places with her ring spirit, that truly went beyond anything that he had known.
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