Chapter 1362: “The Spirit Soul Race (4)”

    Chapter 1362: "The Spirit Soul Race (4)"

    Jun Wu Xie was finally returned back to her body and no longer needed to view everything within the Dark Emperor's tomb through the eyes of the little black cat.

    Jun Wu Yao lifted a hand to rub Jun Wu Xie upon the head with his eyes filled with an indulgent smile, sweeping his gaze over every single inch of Jun Wu Xie to be sure that she was feeling perfectly fine.

    Towards Jun Wu Yao's highly doting and pampering actions, Ye Sha and Ye Mei had already gotten used to seeing, but for Ye Gu.....

    He was absolutely.....

    Stunned speechless.


    [What happened to their Lord Jue! ?]

    Ye Gu began to suspect whether his memory of his Lord Jue had somehow gone awry. Why was the Lord Jue he remembered completely different from the one he was looking at right before his eyes?

    And on his Lord Jue's face, when did it start to be capable of displaying such a highly gentle smile?

    "You will soon get used to it." Ye Mei's stoic voice suddenly sounded in a low whisper within Ye Gu's ears.

    "After you get used to it, you might even begin to find it rather heartwarming to see." Ye Sha chirped softly, nodding in agreement.

    Ye Gu looked at the two of them with a look of absolute horror, staring at his once closest of comrades, so horrified like the two men were the complete picture of treacherous turncoats in rebellion.

    [Had he been separated from the world for too long or was it still not awake afterall?]

    Jun Wu Xie spoke with Jun Wu Yao for a while and her gaze then fell upon Ye Gu. She came to stand right before Ye Gu and stared piercingly at that slightly weak and pale looking face.

    Everything that Rong Ruo and Fan Zhuo had said earlier, she had heard every single word. Based on the "little girl" she had seen from before and the young youth she saw before her now, she thought that Rong Ruo and Fan Zhuo must have guessed some things right about this youth. The person before her was of the Spirit Soul race and Jun Wu Xie found the unique ability of their race highly fascinating.

    From a certain perspective, Jun Wu Xie and the little black cat were themselves two souls within a single body but unlike the Spirit Soul race, they would not cause the other soul to disappear as they aged.

    The attention Jun Wu Xie was giving to Ye Gu made Ye Sha and Ye Mei highly uneasy.

    Towards this Young Miss, the two of them had already gained a good understanding of her. They knew Jun Wu Xie was one person who was always killed or spared decisively and based on the current situation before their eyes, to her, Ye Gu was a guardian of the Dark Emperor's tomb, an enemy that stood in their way before them.

    They were becoming very worried whether Jun Wu Xie would decide to have Ye Gu eradicated.

    "Young Miss, we are still unfamiliar within this Dark Emperor's tomb. Should we keep this guy to dig some information out from him?" Ye Mei opened his mouth to ask cautiously.

    Jun Wu Xie had not even said a word when a golden figure suddenly slipped between her and Ye Gu.

    The sabre toothed tiger that had morphed from the little Hell Rodent stood looking like a protector before Ye Gu to guard him, seemingly afraid that someone might harm its Master.

    The little girl had turned into Ye Gu and the Hell Rodent had transformed into the ferocious sabre tooth tiger. The eyes of the sabre tooth tiger were alert and on guard, completely unlike those of the naive and bumbling Hell Rodent.

    It was protecting its Master.

    "I had not said anything about killing him." Jun Wu Xie said as she lifted her head, looking straight at Ye Sha and Ye Mei.

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei were suddenly taken aback.

    Jun Wu Xie had actually never had the intention of wanting to have Ye Gu killed. As the guardian of the Dark Emperor's tomb, it was Ye Gu's responsibility to prevent intruders from entering and he was not a unpardonably evil person as well. At least, when Jun Wu Xie had been in the form of the little black cat, regardless whether it was the little girl or Ye Gu himself, they had both not done anything to harm her at all.

    Moreover, Ye Gu had already been subdued by Ye Sha and Ye Mei. It could have been partly due to that little girl who had been sealed up within here for so long, or it could have been partly because of the naive and gullible little Hell Rodent, Jun Wu Xie did not feel much enmity against Ye Gu.

    "Keep him." Jun Wu Xie threw those words at their feet and turned to leave. She really didn't want to hurt that other soul that resided within Ye Gu's body.

    That slightly foolish little girl who couldn't even speak clearly.
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