Chapter 1363: “Treasure, Here We Come! (1)”

    Chapter 1363: "Treasure, Here We Come! (1)"

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei both blew out a breath of relief secretly, their faces hard with feigned stern and stoic expressions as they made a show of warning Ye Gu to be cooperative and to not try any tricks.

    Ye Gu's heart became even more depressed.

    [Why are these two scoundrels being so respectful towards that little lass?] They were being so obedient that he just could not believe what he was seeing.

    And trying to decipher the relationship between his Lord Jue and that little lass just put an enormous question mark in his mind.

    The companions could be considered to have entered into the Dark Emperor's tomb and as the doors were opened up one after another, they were greeted with the sight of the countless mountainous piles of gold, silver and jewels. The amount of treasures in just any one of the halls could easily surpass the treasury of a country and more.

    Towards such levels of glittery riches within the Dark Emperor's tomb, Qiao Chu had not once stopped drooling the entire way. He was always peering everywhere with every step he took, touching and rubbing. Before they had really seen any of the truly precious items, he was already almost losing his mind.

    "It's little wonder it was said that the Dark Emperor once reigned throughout the entire Middle Realm. With so much precious treasure, he wouldn't be able to spend it all even over several lifetimes." Qiao Chu said as he gulped noisily, thinking how could there be such a great disparity between one mortal from another?

    Fei Yan nodded in agreement. Before they met Jun Wu Xie, the kind of days the few of them lived were worse than that of a beggar, except for Fan Zhuo who enjoyed a much better living standard, but it could not compete in any way with the mountains of gold and silver they were feasting their eyes upon.

    "We will no longer have the opportunity to witness the kind of glory when the Dark Emperor reigned over the Middle Realm. But the kind of things we see here buried within his tomb, is enough to tell us the kind of might the Dark Emperor possessed before, as knowing despicable character of the Twelve Palaces, they would never allow anyone to hold so much treasure if they had a choice." Fei Yan said, a little sadly.

    The blood vengeance owed to them by the Twelve Palaces, had already made all of them deem the people of the Twelve Palaces as their mortal enemies.

    Conversely, the Dark Emperor who had once held the Twelve Palaces in suppression, where the Twelve Palaces had had no choice but to submit themselves, became the idol they all worshipped in their hearts. They had heard many stories about the Dark Regions, but by the time they were born, the Dark Regions had secluded themselves and not interfered with the affairs of the lands. All that they knew about the Dark Emperor and the Dark Regions were from the stories and legends they had heard.

    Powerful, mysterious, an existence that was almost seemingly invincible.

    Where every single youth held in worship and looked up to.

    The fact that they were not fated to witness the glory of the Dark Emperor when he unified and reigned over the Middle Realm, was also a point they sorely held in deep regret.

    Sometimes, they could not help but think, if the Dark Regions were still around them, the Twelve Palaces wouldn't be able to be so outrageous with their deeds.

    When the Dark Emperor was still in the Middle Realm, he strictly forbade anyone from descending into the Lower Realm to stir up any trouble. His mere presence was sort of like a protective barrier, separating the Middle Realm from the Lower Realm, severing all contact between the two realms, which also stopped people from the Middle Realm from using their unique ability to stir create any dangerous turmoil within the Lower Realm.

    No matter how it was said, Qiao Chu and the other companions already had their hearts leaning towards the Dark Regions.

    If they had not been left with no other choice, they would not have wanted to come disturb the Dark Emperor's peaceful rest, yet unfortunately, this was the only choice they had.

    "The Dark Emperor was so powerful then, so how did he....." Qiao Chu asked as the question suddenly popped into his head.

    He really could not begin to imagine who in the Middle Realm would be able to send the Dark Emperor to his doom.

    "Nobody knows. Among all the rumours, the Dark Emperor's death had always remained a question. Not even anyone from the Dark Regions had once mentioned anything about the reason." Fan Zhuo said as he shook his head.

    The Dark Emperor's death, had always been an unresolved mystery in the Middle Realm.
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