Chapter 1364: “Treasure, Here We Come! (2)”

    Chapter 1364: "Treasure, Here We Come! (2)"

    How did the Dark Emperor die? And who was it that killed him?

    No one had a certain answer to those questions.

    The was once a rumour in the Middle Realm that said that a portion of the powers in the MIddle Realm had been unhappy with the Dark Emperor's reign and they had colluded together and employed some insidious methods to murder the Dark Emperor.

    But that rumour had not been widely believed.

    For if that had been true, with the kind of absolute loyalty the Night Regime held towards the Dark Emperor, it was impossible that they would not be able to determine who the culprits were through a thorough investigation. If it had really been certain factions among the powers in the Middle Realm who murdered the Dark Emperor, it won't just be the Night Regime, but the entire Dark Regions would have been up in arms and would not have spared them. It would have resulted in an highly insane revenge.

    But after the Dark Emperor fell, the Dark Regions had instead secluded into themselves and not carried out any acts of vengeance.

    It was hard for people to imagine that the people of the Dark Regions would be able to tolerate such an act if it had been true as even after the Dark Emperor fell, anyone who spoke ill of the Dark Emperor would still be eradicated, what's more for the culprit behind the murder.

    The fact that the Dark Regions had not made any moves at all only made all the whole thing even more suspicious.

    Within the Dark Emperor's tomb, highly lifelike stone murals could be seen everywhere. For the group of youths who had heard so much about the Dark Emperor, they could not help but be irresistibly drawn to all their contents where they could seemingly see the one man who had stood at the pinnacle of the Middle Realm a very very long time ago.

    Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao walked side by side within the Dark Emperor's tomb, the unimaginably heavy stone doors seemingly light as a feather under Jun Wu Yao's hands.

    Jun Wu Yao's eyes did not fall much upon the things decorating the Dark Emperor's tomb but were on Jun Wu Xie most of the time instead, as if all those that glittered and shone around him, was not as worthy of his attention as a strand of hair upon Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Jun Wu Yao who had a smile upon his face, that impeccably handsome countenance that had become so highly familiar to her. With him at her side, everything just became so simple.

    "This place is enormous." Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

    They had been walking around in the Dark Emperor's tomb for almost an hour but still had not managed to get out of the many number of halls that were linked to one another. They passed walkways one after another and they did not know when they would finally reach an end, Every single enormous hall was before a walkway and in every one of those large halls, it was all filled with countless glittery riches, almost driving them all blind.

    If they could pick just any one of those halls and brought everything within out, they would be able to instantly turn a small country stuck in poverty into instant prosperity.

    They had only seen the tip of the iceberg of the Dark Emperor's tomb and it was already filled with so much treasure.

    It just gave them an idea just how terrifying the value of the entire Dark Emperor's tomb really was.

    Even without the temptation of the magical artifacts, just the riches that the treasure alone could provide would be enough to stir up the people from the Middle Realm.

    In here, was seemingly all the wealth in the Middle Realm and gaining possession of the Dark Emperor's tomb would not just gain one only might, but also riches beyond compare!

    It would be enough to arm any size of army all the way up to their teeth!

    "That's right." Jun Wu Yao replied with a light laugh with a nod of his head.

    Jun Wu Xie glanced at him and then understood that everything in here were completely beneath his notice.

    But thinking about it, they had passed like a hundred of those halls and all they were filled with were mountains and mountains of glittery treasure without them seeing a single magical artifact that was able to enhance their powers. Throughout these rooms, instead of saying they were the things that were buried together with the Dark Emperor in his tomb, it might very well be called the place where the Dark Emperor stashed all his money after he fell.

    Although the amount of it was just mind blowing, but its value was still limited to merely money.
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