Chapter 1365: “Treasure, Here We Come! (3)”

    Chapter 1365: "Treasure, Here We Come! (3)"

    All these things, were not the main objective of this journey by Jun Wu Xie and her companions.

    Compared to all those gold, silver and countless jewels, the stone murals upon the walls attracted the companions' attention a little more.

    After seeing more of the stone murals, Jun Wu Xie's understanding of the Dark Emperor increased as well. Only for the fact that the Dark Emperor depicted in every one of those wall murals, had his face covered by a mask, making it impossible for anyone to see the Dark Emperor's real countenance, but in many of all those murals, they portrayed the past glory of the Dark Emperor very well.

    Jun Wu Xie's gaze swept over all those wall murals before it fell upon Jun Wu Yao's face.

    On that handsome and ageless face, was the same smile she had grown to become to familiar with.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyelashes fluttered slightly and she suddenly lowered her eyes, but did not say anything.

    "Continuing to walk on like this is not going to work as this Dark Emperor's tomb is a little too darned big doncha think? I'm wondering if we carry on walking around so aimlessly like this, which year of the monkey will it be before we find the right place?" Qiao Chu bemoaned after finally having managed to extract himself out from the giddy allure of the endless riches around, after his mind at least cleared up a little.

    The Dark Emperor's tomb was just too big and the reason that they came here was mainly to locate magical artifacts that had been buried here together with the Dark Emperor to use them to increase their powers. But all they were seeing was just endless troves of expensive jewels with mountains of gold and silver, and things that they might have any proper use for, were largely lacking.

    They had finally managed to reach their destination but all they had been able to do was to just barge all around the place like a headless housefly, which greatly depressed the companions.

    "What Dumb Qiao said is right. Continuing to search blindly like this will only waste time for us. With the multiple layers inside and outside of the Dark Emperor's tomb, the place is much bigger than we had expected. People who do not know the way around here, will never be able to find the way through." Hua Yao said in agreement as he nodded. The map they held, was completely useless once they came inside here.

    The final destination depicted upon the map was only the location of the Dark Emperor's tomb and did not mark out anything about the interior of the Dark Emperor's tomb.

    It could be that their parents had only found the Dark Emperor's tomb but did not enter the place, or it could be they did not have enough time to record anything about the inside.

    When Jun Wu Xie and the others found the Dark Emperor's tomb, a single question had been on the companions' mind.

    The Dark Emperor's tomb had always been surrounded by a boundary barrier all this while and if Jun Wu Xie had not coincidentally discovered the presence of the barrier, where they had Jun Wu Yao bashing right through it, even if they had stood right before the Dark Emperor's tomb, they would not have had a single clue about it.

    But the fact that their parents had been able to clearly determine the location of the Dark Emperor's tomb at that time was a point that they were still rather confused about.

    At that time, how had their parents managed to find the Dark Emperor's tomb?

    They really could not come up with a plausible reason for it.

    "I'm thinking, why don't we ask this little pipsqueak?" Qiao Chu said as he walked to come before Ye Gu, eyeing the "little youth" who had half of his face covered by the mask.

    Ye Gu's eyes narrowed and the sound of teeth grinding made Ye Sha and Ye Mei who were holding on to him suddenly feel their scalping crawl.

    "Little one, can you bring us to have a look around the place?" Qiao Chu asked nonchalantly, completely oblivious to the danger he was treading into, clueless about the fact that his life hung just by the thinnest thread at that moment.

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei lit candles and offered a prayer in their minds for Qiao Chu. Fortunately Jun Wu Yao was present. If Jun Wu Yao had not been there.....

    They could well imagine the garish scene where Qiao Chu's blood would have sprayed three feet away.

    Ye Gu's eyes narrowed and looked at Qiao Chu, his lips curved up but it didn't feel like a smile as he said: "Sure."

    [Your grandmother, when Lord Jue allows it, I'll surely wring off this scoundrel's head off his shoulders! !]
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