Chapter 1366: “Treasure, Here We Come! (4)”

    Chapter 1366: "Treasure, Here We Come! (4)"

    Qiao Chu obtusely thought that Ye Gu "had no choice" but to accede to his request and Qiao Chu face beamed brightly with a smile.

    Ye Gu clenched his jaws tightly and secretly clasped his fists tightly around the gold plated jade pendants hanging from Ye Sha's and Ye Mei's hips on each side of him, soundlessly crushing them both into fine powder.

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei gulped inwardly and could only pretend as if nothing had happened.

    With Ye Gu leading the way, the companions then did not need to bash around blindly like headless flies within the Dark Emperor's tomb.

    But Jun Wu Xie had not walked off too far before her steps suddenly stopped.

    "Hmm?" Jun Wu Yao turned to look at Jun Wu Xie, his eyes inquiring.

    Jun Wu Xie turned herself around and looked at the bunch of little companions of hers. She swept her gaze over them and she suddenly froze!

    "Where is Little Jue?" Jun Wu Xie looked all around but did not see any sign of Little Jue among the companions. When Jun Wu Yao and the others had appeared on top of the roof of the Dark Emperor's tomb, she had distinctly spotted the little fella at the back of the group of companions but now, before they had managed to go anywhere within the tomb, the little figure was nowhere to be seen.

    Only after Jun Wu Xie asked, Qiao Chu and the others then noticed that Little Jue was nowhere to be seen!

    "I..... I have a bad feeling about this....." Qiao Chu said as he gulped loudly.

    "Erm, I saw in the previous hall we just passed earlier, there was a pile of jade artifacts....." Qiao Chu said as he hesitantly lifted up a hand to point. The many doors they passed were all opened by Jun Wu Yao and they had found it everything highly fascinating at first but after seeing so much of them, they had started to not think much about it and merely cast their gazes over the treasures briefly.

    [Jade artifacts!]

    Qiao Chu had barely finished speaking his words when Jun Wu Xie immediately turned and walked back the way they had come.

    Jun Wu Yao could not help but smile as he followed her.

    In a large hall which had its door wide open, besides the glittering bars of gold and there was the jumble of precious gems and jewels as numerous as the stars that covered the entire floor. Above those treasures glittering brightly, there was a bunch of jade artifacts sitting among them, thrown carelessly into a pile.

    Meanwhile, a tiny little figure was at that moment seated upon the mountainous pile of treasures, hugging a jade vase in his arms as his mouth chomped happily upon it going 'ka cha' 'ka cha'.

    Jun Wu Xie looked on speechlessly at the little figure who was eating away happily, her heart feeling highly helpless.

    Little Jue then seemed to notice that someone had appeared and he looked up from among the pile of jade artifacts, his mouth still chewing on a chunk of jade he had just bitten off, his large scarlet eyes suddenly blinking innocently when they saw Jun Wu Xie standing there.

    He then subconsciously picked up a jade thumb ring from beside him and lifted his tiny hand towards Jun Wu Xie to say: "Little Big Brother, yit!"

    Jun Wu Xie felt the corner of her mouth twitch. She really couldn't stomach that. (Pun intended. XD)

    Besides mentioning whether her teeth would be able to bite through that hard jade stone, her stomach would surely be unable to digest "food" of this kind.

    It was obvious, that these jade artifacts posed to be an immense draw to Little Jue as compared to the kind of quality of the jade they have outside, jade that were qualified to be placed into the Dark Emperor's tomb must have been carefully picked out by the people from the Dark Regions where only the best would do. Hence the spirit energy within those jade artifacts would be of a much better quality as well and to Little Jue, they would make him feel just a mouse who had managed to climb into the rice urn, pure and absolute bliss.....

    Although the reason Jun Wu Xie had brought Little Jue along on this journey had been to find him more things that would be able to replenish the power of the Soul Calming Jade, but..... she had not expected for him to just plop himself down here at this moment to chomp away happily!

    They still had not managed to find out the exact situation they were in, here within the Dark Emperor's tomb and asking her to leave Little Jue behind here alone was something she did not feel was safe enough to do.
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