Chapter 1367: “Treasure, Here We Come! (5)”

    Chapter 1367: "Treasure, Here We Come! (5)"

    Without having any other choice, Jun Wu Xie could only get Fan Zhuo to drag Little Jue out from the pile of jade artifacts.

    Finding himself being dragged away, Little Jue's face was one of despair his tiny hands reached out mournfully towards the "fine food", highly unwilling to be parted from them.

    Jun Wu Xie held her temples and said: "Eat later."

    Little Jue looked at Jun Wu Xie and then turned to gaze longingly once more at the pile of jade artifacts before he quietened down.

    Jun Wu Xie was just about to walk away when she stopped, and as an afterthought, she added: "Give him a few pieces to take along."

    In order to prevent Little Jue from giving in to temptation and come back here to squat in this place to stuff himself silly, Jun Wu Xie asked Fan Zhuo and her other companions to take a few pieces of the jade pieces each for Little Jue to have something to munch as they went on their way.

    The Dark Emperor's tomb was truly shockingly immense as they came to discover while Ye Gu led the way forward. Even with Ye Gu showing the way, the companions still had to walk a very far distance.

    From all the endless mountains of gold, silver and jewels, to the bigger sized pieces of lavish ornaments, the companions really got to see something beyond what any of them could begin to imagine.

    "Whew, the Dark Emperor was a really rich man, so very rich." Qiao Chu said as he clutched at his wildly thumping heart, almost unable to take in all the excitement.

    Even the ever calm Jun Wu Xie, had to admit to that after having seen just a part of the Dark Emperor's treasures.

    "All these things here, was the Dark Emperor able to use them all?" Jun Wu Xie asked, suddenly raising up her gaze to look at Jun Wu Yao beside her.

    Jun Wu Yao said with a laugh: "Why use them? Pretty things can be kept just to be looked at and admired, and just stash them away even when they are of no use. Who would dare take them away?"

    An eyebrow lifted on Jun Wu Xie's face. Jun Wu Yao's manner of words gave her a strange feeling. That feeling somehow overlapped with another one of her guesses.

    "That's right, with the unchallengeable might the Dark Emperor possessed then, who would dare taint their fingers upon the Dark Emperor's things? But, if he knew that his treasures would be coveted after by a bunch of little brats like us on this day, I wonder if he would be filled with rage." Jun Wu Xie said expressionlessly.

    "He won't." Jun Wu Yao replied with a smile.

    "How do you know that?" Jun Wu Xie asked, her gaze upon Jun Wu Yao.

    Jun Wu Yao then replied: "As the Dark Emperor, how could all of these be worthy of his notice?"

    "You seem to know a lot about it." Jun Wu Xie said in challenge.

    Jun Wu Yao was slightly taken aback but did not say anything more.

    Instead, it was Ye Sha and Ye Mei following behind who broke into bouts of cold sweat for their Lord Jue.

    Without knowing the reason why, they could not help but feel that the Young Miss' question earlier had sounded a little strange, and their Lord Jue.....

    [Their Lord Jue had replied a little too quickly it seems!]

    [All of his words insinuating "just take what you want, I don't mind, they all belong to me anyway so you can have as much as you like". Lord Jue, are you sure that is fine?]

    A fear rose in the hearts of the two men that their Young Miss seemed to have discovered something but they could not be certain about it.

    Ye Gu did not know what was going on but as Jun Wu Yao was there, he had no choice but to obediently allow himself to remain under custody as his mind whirled with a hundred ways to send Qiao Chu to his death.

    After walking for a fairly long time, they all finally came before a gigantic door made from jade.

    The door was just enormous, bigger than any of the other doors they had seen. The door was made up of two panels, made from a single gigantic block of jade. If they did not see it with their own eyes, no one could have imagined that such a single block of jade existed under the Heavens. The jade door was inlaid with gold that formed a golden emblem, with precious gems the size of a chicken's egg set within, looking highly lavish and magnificent.

    "This is the emblem of the Imprisoned Serpent." Fan Zhuo said as he stared at the two panels of the jade door, seeing the shape of the enormous serpent portrayed by the gold inlaid within.
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