Chapter 1368: “Treasure, Here We Come! (6)”

    Chapter 1368: "Treasure, Here We Come! (6)"

    The huge serpent soared among the heavenly clouds, a pair of wings on its back, two sharp fangs that hung from its mouth that pierces through any form of defence.

    "The Imprisoned Serpent is one of the emblems of the Dark Regions that symbolized their great might. The Dark Emperor highly favoured serpentine species and there were two Imprisoned Serpents throughout the Middle Realm then, both of them in the hands of the Dark Emperor. It was said that the Imprisoned Serpent besides being a symbol, had another unique aspect in its existence. It was neither a kind of beast nor was it a spirit body where it could traverse between the two planes. It could morph itself into solid form and could also maintain its form as a spirit as it chose." Fan Zhuo slowly exhorted.

    "The people from the Dark Regions must have based it on those two Imprisoned Serpents as they made this door, implying that they guard the peaceful rest of the Dark Emperor."

    Hearing Fan Zhuo's explanation, Ye Gu could not help himself but to cast a glance upon the youth, thinking what he said had been rather close to the truth.

    Jun Wu Yao lifted an eyebrow and raised up a hand to push the jade doors open!

    The immensely hefty jade doors swung open, giving out a heavy groan as they swung inwards to reveal the inside.

    Behind the doors, everything was immediately displayed before the eyes of Jun Wu Xie and her companions.

    It was a colossal palace of stupendous proportions, its ceiling reaching to monumental heights where eighteen thick chains hung from all sides of the palatial hall, their other end converging onto a single point right in the middle, pulled taut against a massive black coffin that hung suspended in mid air!

    Within the palatial hall, were placed many different varieties of magical artifacts, all highly exquisite. All those magical artifacts glowed faintly like specks of stars, adorning the dim darkness inside the magnificent hall.

    Everyone had upon witnessing the sight, became stunned with awe. They had imagined before  how well filled with magical artifacts the Dark Emperor's tomb would actually be but when they were now witnessing it in all its splendour before their eyes, they realized how trifling anything they had been able to imagine really had been.

    Countless numbers of magical artifacts were placed upon rows upon rows of white skeletal racks, their pulsating glow clearly revealing the power that they all contained.

    Casting their gaze inside, they could not see the entirety of the colossal hall as the neat rows of skeletal racks extended out, densely filling up the hall. The had seemingly been haphazardly placed at first glance, but there was a certain pattern to it. They actually formed a peculiar pattern right in the centre of the hall pointing towards the spot that the coffin hung suspended.

    The coffin that hung suspended in the air was enormous and though it was all black, peering to look at it carefully, one would be able to notice that complicated emblems lay hidden within all that black, tightly weaving into each other.

    "That must be the Dark Emperor's..... coffin....." Rong Ruo whispered as she raised her head, to stare at the coffin suspended high up in the air, her heart feeling like a huge boulder was squashing upon it, oppressive and suffocating.

    Everyone could well guess at the owner of that coffin. At this point when all the magical artifacts that they had so desperately seeked was right before their eyes, they suddenly did not feel any delight in their hearts, all their gazes only drawn to that coffin before them.

    Resting peacefully in this place, was the Dark Emperor who unified and reigned over the Middle Realm..... the Lord of the Dark Regions!

    All the rumours and stories they had heard before about the Dark Emperor, at that moment suddenly become a shroud that fell over their hearts with a heavy and solemn kind of pressure. They could not find in themselves any sense of delight, but found themselves suffocating under the oppressive halo the two words 'Dark Emperor' gave them.

    The moment they realized that the Dark Emperor who once shook the entire Middle Realm was right above their heads, the whole bunch of youthful companions could no longer find it in themselves to fool around anymore.

    Qiao Chu pushed his palms together and lowered his head, paying respects to the coffin again and again.

    His mouth mumbling incessantly.

    "Lord Dark Emperor, all of us here today have really been left with no other choice, and would like to borrow a few things to tide us over from your esteemed self. I pray that your revered self will not mind it."
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