Chapter 1369: “Treasure, Here We Come! (7)”

    Chapter 1369: "Treasure, Here We Come! (7)"

    The Dark Emperor might have fallen but his glorious fame still lived. Even for this motley crew of lawless youths, they all held this man who once reigned over all in reverence and awe.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at the way Qiao Chu and the others were reacting and she lifted her head to look smilingly at Jun Wu Yao.

    Jun Wu Yao turned to look at Jun Wu Xie as well and his smile then faded a little. The expression in her eyes seemed to tell him that he had been seen through.

    "That is the Dark Emperor's coffin?" Jun Wu Xie asked, turning her head around, not looking at Jun Wu Yao anymore, but her gaze swung to fix right upon Ye Gu who had been holding himself back for a long while.

    Ye Gu looked at Jun Wu Xie. He was highly curious about Jun Wu Xie's identity and it was only because of Jun Wu Yao's presence that he did not dare ask her directly. Now that Jun Wu Xie was asking him a question directly, he could do nothing but nod his head in answer.

    "And the Dark Emperor's remains are inside?" Jun Wu Xie probed further suddenly.

    Ye Gu was taken aback and his eyes became quizzical.

    Meanwhile, Ye Sha and Ye Mei were so shocked by their Young Miss' question that they broke into another bout of cold sweat.

    [Why would the Young Miss ask that all of a sudden? She couldn't have possibly discovered anything could she?]

    The two men had left the Dark Regions together with Jun Wu Yao back then and they had not returned since. They had not even known anything about the Dark Emperor's tomb until they heard about it from Jun Wu Xie and the others. They had been completely unaware that their brothers back in the Dark Regions had thought that their Lord Jue had passed on and were oblivious to the fact that they had even erected a tomb for their Lord Jue.

    They only knew that their Lord Jue was currently still alive and kicking and hence, how could there be his "remains" within that coffin? !

    [The Young Miss must have discovered that something was not right and she was trying to dig for more information from Ye Gu.]

    Thrown into a state of panic, the two men could only secretly pinch Ye Gu behind on his back. Although it did not hurt him, it at least delivered to him their message.

    Ye Gu immediately understood what they meant and his face creased up into a frown as he said: "Of course it is. Who else could it then be!"

    Jun Wu Xie;s eyes narrowed up. She wasn't being overly suspicious here. It was just that when certain events were pieced and linked up together, it had somehow formed into a fuzzy guess in her head. That guess was extremely bold but her conclusion had not been derived from nowhere.

    [Just who is Jun Wu Yao?]

    Jun Wu Xie had not wanted to probe in the past, but after understanding what her heart felt, she wanted to know things to do with him, and know more about him.

    [Even if his identity was someone else, it would be fine. But if it was as she was guessing, then the things hidden behind that one fact would truly be not simple.]

    [Just how mighty had the Dark Emperor? How did he die?]

    [Just how powerful was Jun Wu Yao? Why was he trapped in that cave?]

    [What kind of things was Jun Wu Yao always secretly dealing with all this while?]

    [If he truly was the Dark Emperor, then who was the one who imprisoned him within that cave? Who under the Heavens would be capable of bringing down the Dark Emperor of the Dark Regions! ?]

    Jun Wu Xie needed to be certain of all that. She didn't care if Jun Wu Yao's real identity was revered or not, all she wanted to know was from where the dangers he faced was coming from?

    "I want to unseal the coffin." Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

    That one statement made everyone within that palatial hall all gasp loudly in shock!

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei stared in utter disbelief at Jun Wu Xie, a ominous feeling suddenly hanging over their hearts.

    [They're finished!]

    [The Young Miss has definitely found out!]

    Qiao Chu and the other companions who were still deep in worship of the Dark Emperor suddenly stared wide eyed with their mouths agape at Jun Wu Xie.

    "Are.... are my ears playing tricks on me? Little Xie..... She..... she wants to break the seal off the coffin?" Qiao Chu said in a trembling stutter, his face developing an involuntary twitch. [Had that been a joke or did he just imagine himself hearing that?]
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