Chapter 1370: “Treasure, Here We Come! (8)”

    Chapter 1370: "Treasure, Here We Come! (8)"

    Fan Zhuo was also shocked. He did not understand why Jun Wu Xie would suddenly become so interested in the Dark Emperor's coffin.

    Honestly speaking, they were all only seeking to gain powerful might and did not really want to disturb the Dark Emperor's eternal rest, hence, unsealing the coffin..... was really just a tad too shocking.

    Ye Gu's mouth hung wide open as he looked at the beautiful young girl who had spouted such outrageous words, his entire being suddenly frozen.

    [Just who was this little lass? She dared to ask to unseal Lord Jue's coffin?]

    After Jun Wu Xie said those words, she turned herself around and walked towards Jun Wu Yao who was just a few steps away from her.

    "Will you help me with it?" Jun Wu Xie asked, her gaze staring fixedly upon Jun Wu Yao.

    Jun Wu Yao was slightly surprised for a moment but he suddenly laughed. "If you are interested, we'll open it up."

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei were about to cry at that moment.

    [Lord Jue! Don't you think you are being too carefree with your words here?]

    [Don't you realize that you are standing right here alive and kicking so that coffin would almost certainly be empty! The Young Miss is obviously trying to seek for answers towards your real identity here! The Young Miss is already suspecting that you are the Dark Emperor, shouldn't you be trying to come up with a way to deal with it! ?]

    [This really isn't the right time to continue to be so hopelessly indulgent! !]

    Despite Ye Sha and Ye Mei worrying their hearts to pieces, they could do nothing to change the words Jun Wu Yao had spoken out loud.

    Jun Wu Xie merely continued to look quietly at Jun Wu Yao who still maintained a smile at the corners of his mouth, staring into the familiar mirth within his eyes.

    "Lit..... Little Xie..... You're really going to unseal the coffin?" Qiao Chu asked in a faltering voice.

    "That might not be the best thing to do right? The Dark Emperor..... It's been so many years since he fell, and with us coming here to steal his treasures that had been buried in his tomb is already highly disrespectful, if we are to even disturb his peaceful rest....." Qiao Chu said as he tried his best to dissuade, unable to understand from where Jun Wu Xie had suddenly come up with this crazy idea.

    Throughout their journey here, he had also never heard her once mention she had such an intention.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes lowered slightly and she fell silent for a moment before she said:

    "I was just joking."

    "Har?" Qiao Chu asked, suddenly frozen in his spot.

    He had never seen Jun Wu Xie joking about anything before and the first time she did it was on such a big scale. It had almost scared the living lights out of all of them.

    Towards Jun Wu Xie's sudden change of her words, Ye Sha and Ye Mei finally blew out a long breath of relief.

    "It's was just a joke?" But Jun Wu Yao was watching Jun Wu Xie closely. He could faintly detect that the little one seemed to have discovered something. Even he himself was unable to be certain whether there was another set of the "Dark Emperor's remains" within that coffin and if the coffin was opened and found to be empty, then Jun Wu Xie would have been able to confirm the guess she held in her heart.


    [Why had the little one suddenly changed her mind?]

    It seemed that Jun Wu Xie was not going to continue harping on that topic as her gaze drifted over to the magical artifacts placed upon the skeletal racks, her perfectly calm and composed demeanor looking like all her words said just before had really been all just a joke.

    As she walked to come before the hundreds of skeletal racks, the little black cat that was lying upon Jun Wu Xie's shoulder said in a voice only audible to the two of them and said:

    "Mistress, have you discovered something?" It could feel the ups and downs of Jun Wu Xie's emotions and just in the moments just before, it had distinctly felt the changes in Jun Wu Xie's emotions.

    "Does it make a difference whether I did or not?" Jun Wu Xie asked suddenly.

    The little black cat was rather taken aback.

    Jun Wu Xie had at that moment, really been keen to determine whether Jun Wu Yao's identity was as she had guessed. And when she asked him whether he was willing to help her with it, his firm and decisive demeanor then had made Jun Wu Xie feel.....

    Her pursuit for verification, a little uncalled for.

    [Who he is, or who he had been, no longer mattered anymore.]

    [To her, he, is just Jun Wu Yao.]

    [The one and only under the Heavens, Jun Wu Yao. The one who always shielded her, and guided her, Jun Wu Yao!]
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