Chapter 1371: “Listen to Lord Jue Talk About Magical Artifacts (1)”

    Chapter 1371: "Listen to Lord Jue Talk About Magical Artifacts (1)"

    The heart would not change just because a person's identity changed, and would not change because a person had been different from what one thought that person to be.

    What Jun Wu Xie had acknowledged right from the beginning, had been Jun Wu Yao.

    And it was just Jun Wu Yao himself.

    If it was just because of his identity which brought a change of heart in her, that aforementioned heart would not have been true to itself.

    Having realized that point, Jun Wu Xie felt she had gained a brand new understanding. Why should she persist in pursuing about the past? Why be stubborn and insist on revealing everything?

    How Jun Wu Yao's past was, she no longer cared. What she wanted, was the present they were in, and their future.

    Jun Wu Yao watched Jun Wu Xie's back, his eyes greatly filled with joy.

    It was just moments ago that he had wanted to give up on hiding it, but the little one herself had covered it back down just when she was about to uncover the mystery. That had given Jun Wu Yao a highly wondrous kind of feeling, like his heart was swelling up with something, a highly fulfilling and excited feeling.

    Jun Wu Xie single attempt at a "joke", had put everyone's hearts through a messy upheaval.

    "I am feeling, that Little Xie really isn't suited for jokes." Qiao Chu said with a twitch at the corner of his mouth. Her first attempt at a joke was already so explosive and if she does it a few more times, how would their poor little hearts be able to take it?

    Fei Yan nodded his head without a word, in complete agreement.

    The atmosphere warmed up, and the spirits of the bunch of youths rose together.

    Not because of anything else, but just that palatial hall filled with its mountainous pile of magical artifacts alone was enough to make them all excited enough to want to scream!

    Any single one of those magical artifacts if taken outside, would be a treasure precious enough to cause a stir, and before all their eyes, was just an absolute countless number of them, giving them an excitement that just could not be described with words.

    The were many types of magical artifacts and different artifacts would bring different effects.

    This time, Jun Wu Xie and her companions had come here aiming to find magical artifacts that could increase their spirit powers in a short period of time. That type of artifacts were extremely rare even in the Middle Realm and except for the Dark Emperor's tomb, the total number of artifacts of that similar type currently in existence within the Middle Realm numbered less than ten.

    The Dark Emperor had held most of the magical artifacts in his hands then and they were all buried here in the Dark Emperor's tomb.

    Qiao Chu and the other could no longer hold themselves back and they were around to search for magical artifacts suitable for themselves.

    But after going one round through the place, they found to their dismay.....

    They completely could not recognize the origins of all those magical artifacts!

    All these magical artifacts had been hoarded into the Dark Regions when the Dark Emperor reigned and over the many years that they had been sealed up in the Dark Emperor's tomb, information about the origins and rumours about all these magical artifacts had become extremely sparse. There's was no need to even talk about identifying them, as they had not even heard of more than a big half of them. Asking them to choose from them, they could only stare in helplessly.

    The feeling was just like they held the book for an unparalleled skill in their hands but they did not know how to read a single word of it.

    At that moment, even Jun Wu Xie was helpless. Not knowing how these magical artifacts were to be used, even if they wore them all upon their bodies, it wouldn't help them in anyway.

    In the instant that Jun Wu Xie realized that, she immediately raised her eyes up to look towards Jun Wu Yao.

    In that gaze, it was obvious they were saying these words.

    [Aren't you going to teach us?]

    Jun Wu Yao then walked forward with a helpless laugh. Jun Wu Xie's gaze had already been so obvious, how could he stand aside and pay no heed?

    Ye Mei and Ye Sha were by then fairly certain. With the attitude the Young Miss was taking towards their Lord Jue, the Young Miss must have realized Lord Jue's true identity!

    "What all of you are seeking, are magical artifacts that will quickly increase your spirit powers?" As expected, Jun Wu Yao had on his own initiative come beside Jun Wu Xie to ask as he looked at Jun Wu Xie's tiny face.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded and before she could say a single word, Qiao Chu at the side had already come bouncing over with a cheerful howl!
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