Chapter 1372: “Listen to Lord Jue Talk About Magical Artifacts (2)”

    Chapter 1372: "Listen to Lord Jue Talk About Magical Artifacts (2)"

    "Big Brother Wu Yao! I just knew that there was nothing that you would not know about! You have to save us here!" Qiao Chu exhorted, almost on the verge of tearing up and having mucus run as he cried out, his eyes sparkling as they fixed upon Jun Wu Yao, as if contemplating whether to kneel down and hug Jun Wu Yao's thigh.

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei stood speechlessly at the side with their eyes rolled back.

    [When will this dumb kid grow some wits?]

    "Sure." Jun Wu Yao said with a brilliant smile. That smile was like the fresh breeze of spring tinged slightly with a devilish air, a highly refreshing and invigorating sight to the companions.

    Qiao Chu was thinking at that moment if he was a lass himself, he might very well have become a rival in love with Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Yao picked up a gold gilded incense burner beside him. The incense burner was only about the size of his palm and the entire artifact glowed with a faint golden light.

    "To all of you, spirit powers are only differentiated by seven levels, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. But the true differentiation of spirit powers are not limited to just that. The core of spirit powers stem from the resonance between your own souls and your ring spirits and have you thought about what it is that ring spirits depend on to search for their Masters?"

    Jun Wu Yao's question made all the companions fall deep in thought.

    The rules that ring spirits followed when selecting their Masters had eluded the companions till now and besides knowing that specific races would have specified types of Ring Spirits, they knew nothing about it.

    "Normally, Ring Spirits are categorized into three types. Weapons type, beast type, and plant type. And among these three types of Ring Spirits, the weapons type and beast type are further split into seven other categories as darkness, light, metal, lightning, water, fire and earth. Ring Spirits when seeking for their Masters base their choices mainly on one principle according to a person's spirit properties. These seven properties are hidden within all your souls and only ring spirits with matching attributes would choose to submit themselves to all of you."

    This talk about attributes and properties, was the first time that Qiao Chu and the others were hearing about it even though they were from the Middle Realm. They had never known that a person's soul and their ring spirit followed a hidden rule such as this.

    Jun Wu Yao looked at the flabbergasted bunch of youths and continued on slowly: "The spirit powers all you cultivate daily also follows the different categories you belong to just as these magical artifacts are the same. For you to borrow powers from them to increase your own spirit powers in a short span of time, that is not a difficult task and you only need to find a magical artifact that corresponds to your own attributes to achieve it."

    "But..... But we do not know..... what attributes we possess ourselves....." Fei Yan said a little sheepishly. All this talk of attributes was his first time even hearing about it and before this, he had never once given it a thought at all.

    Jun Wu Yao smiled slightly and with his free hand, he snapped his fingers loudly. A golden light flew out from the tips of his fingers and leapt to hang over the top of the heads of Qiao Chu and the others, forming into a ball of light about the size of a fingernail, sprinkling golden flashes of light from the tiny light ball, to shroud over the bodies of the youths completely.

    Soon, they all discovered that the little ball of light above their heads had mystically changed in an instant!

    Their colours were no longer its original golden one but had changed to become several different colours.

    The ball of light about Qiao Chu's head had turned a fiery red while the ball of light above Fei Yan had maintained its original gold. The ball of light above Hua Yao had become a deep blue and Fan Zhuo's was an ice blue shade. Only the ball of light above Rong Ruo's head flickered incessantly, unsettled between gold and grey but in the end, it finally settled down as grey.

    Everyone then looked quizzically around at the balls of light over everyone's head that had changed colours.
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