Chapter 1373: “Listen to Lord Jue Talk About Magical Artifacts (3)”

    Chapter 1373: "Listen to Lord Jue Talk About Magical Artifacts (3)"

    "This shows the respective category your soul belongs to." Jun Wu Yao said with a faint smile.

    "Qiao Chu is fire, Fei Yan is metal. Hua Yao is lightning, Fan is water. As for Rong Ruo....." Jun Wu Yao's eyes narrowed slightly, his eyes filling with interest.

    "That's not too bad. She's darkness."

    "Darkness is very good?" Qiao Chu asked slightly dazed, his eyes blinking blankly. Jun Wu Yao mere mention of it being not bad had piqued his interest.

    Jun Wu Yao smiled but did not say a word. It was Ye Mei who could who not hold himself back and he explained it to the bunch of ignorant fools.

    "Among the seven categories, the strongest of all are light and darkness, but these two types are also the rarest and seldom seen."

    Qiao Chu then nodded looking like he understood and was also still confused at the same time.

    Fei Yan was looking in surprise at Rong Ruo, the joy in his eyes looking happier than if he had belonged to the darkness category himself.

    But compared to Fei Yan's excitement, Rong Ruo herself had a forced smile on her face instead.

    "Then what category does Little Xie belongs to? Big Brother Wu Yao, why didn't carry out the test Little Xie?" Qiao Chu asked as he looked at Jun Wu Xie standing beside Jun Wu Yao. He was deeply curious what category the Heaven defying little devil's soul belonged to.

    Jun Wu Yao turned his head to look at Jun Wu Xie. "Guess which category you belong to."

    Jun Wu Xie calmly replied: "I am guessing I am different from all of them."

    Jun Wu Yao lifted an eyebrow at the reply and asked: "Why would you think that?"

    Jun Wu Xie sighed, suddenly feeling that someone was seemingly insulting her intelligence.

    "You said there were three main types of ring spirits earlier but when you differentiated between the categories, you excluded plant type ring spirits and only explained about the categories of beast type and weapons type ring spirits, never mentioning anything about plant types.

    His words had already been so specific and Jun Wu Xie did not think that she would even need to use her brain to guess.

    Jun Wu Yao gave a slight chuckle. Jun Wu Xie's helpless expression really drove delight into his heart.

    "You're really smart there." The little one was not to be underestimated as she saw through things very clearly.

    Jun Wu Xie rolled her eyes at him, showing that she felt insulted.

    "You are indeed different from them. Plant type ring spirits are also not differentiated by so many categories as there is only one category for plant type ring spirits and that is wood." Jun Wu Yao said, his eyes filled with smiles. Plant type ring spirits can be said to be the rarest type of ring spirit and even in the Spirit World where ring spirits resided, they were not commonly seen.

    "Wood?" Jun Wu Xie felt that that category matched plant type ring spirits rather well.

    "Nourishes all life, the base of all life." Jun Wu Yao said with a nod.

    Although Qiao Chu and the other companions did not really understand about the categories, but after hearing Jun Wu Yao say that, they knew that Jun Wu Xie was in a completely different category with them. Although the categories they belonged to sounded less powerful than light and darkness, it nevertheless sounded like their categories possessed quite a bit of power still.

    After Jun Wu Yao made all of them understand their own categories, he began to tell them the differences between the magical artifacts.

    But he only explained it to them rather briefly.

    Magical artifacts are segregated into three types. The first type are permanent. Magical artifacts of this type would never disappear unless they were destroyed. The second type was a consumable type. They could be used for long periods but when the artifact's power was depleted, they would be reduced to become a useless ornament, or one could employ other methods to replenish the powers that had been completely drained. The third and last type of magical artifacts could only be used once. Magical artifacts belonging to this type were also the most powerful type but would expire after one use. After using it once, they would lose their effects completely and there would be no way to restore it.
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