Chapter 1374: “Listen to Lord Jue Talk About Magical Artifacts (4)”

    Chapter 1374: "Listen to Lord Jue Talk About Magical Artifacts (4)"

    The Soul Calming Jade belonged to the second type, it powers being depleted incessantly, needing constant replenishment to maintain its powers.

    If Qiao Chu and the other companions wish to increase their spirit powers, they must not only use one type among the three but to combine them properly for them to achieve breakthroughs within a short span of time.

    Jun Wu Yao then based it on their individual soul attributes to select magical artifacts suitable for the companions.

    Although the permanent magical artifacts did not give intense effects, but they were prized on their stability and permanence and they would act as an item of nourishment and support, to assist them in their cultivation.

    Like Qiao Chu for example, he possessed the fire attribute. Jun Wu Yao chose a fire type Raging Flame Cauldron for him. The Raging Flame Cauldron was of course burning with an intense flame inside, but the flame would not cause a person's body any burns. One would not even feel any heat when touching the flame but if one really daringly place their hand inside for an extended period of time, the result would really be unthinkable.

    The flames within the Raging Flames Cauldron was also called Flame Spirit Fire, a type of fire from the Spirit World. This kind of fire would only have an effect on a person's soul or a spirit body. If a spirit body that was not of a fire type were to touch it, the spirit would be burnt by the Flame Spirit Fire within the Raging Flame cauldron. But to a fire type spirit, the Flame Spirit Fire was the best thing to temper and refine them, driving the spirit to become stronger.

    Cultivating spirit powers, people had also thought that they would only need to expand their meridians but essentially speaking, the source of spirit powers came from both the soul and the ring spirit. Only when both spirit bodies were strengthened, would one be able to grind their spirit powers adequately, to achieve elevation into a higher level.

    Besides the Raging Flame Cauldron, Qiao Chu took another small magical artifacts called the Sun Bell. The external form of the Sun Bell was just like a little bell, but was completely bright red in colour, covered all around in carvings of flames.

    The Sun Bell did not make any sound but instead gave out a fragrance that induced spirit powers. That fragrance only had an effect on fire type spirits.

    The Sun Bell was like the Soul Calming Jade, a consumable type of artifact, but the difference between them was once the powers within the Sun Bell was depleted, it would crumble to pieces.

    Besides these magical artifacts that would last for long periods of time, Jun Wu Yao chose some magical artifacts that had only a single use. These magical artifacts all hid powerful spirit powers within which would be able to greatly increase a person's spirit powers for short periods but although these magical artifacts were highly powerful, the adverse effects could be dire as well. The slightest carelessness in their use could cause a person to die by their having their bodies explode.

    Hence, Jun Wu Yao made all of them take a few more magical artifacts that provided enhancements for them to train up their soul first before using the single use magical artifacts. Otherwise, if they were to ignorantly use them immediately, it was thought after using two of those artifacts, the souls of these youths would show signs of collapse from the over aggressive surge of spirit powers.

    It could be said that Jun Wu Yao fully took charge of the distribution of magical artifacts for the youthful companions. As for Jun Wu Xie's magical artifacts, Jun Wu Yao was even more careful in his selection.

    By the time Qiao Chu and the other companions had already begun to use the fundamental building magical artifacts to train the own individual souls, Jun Wu Xie still did not hold a single magical artifact within her hands.

    Wood category spirits were highly rare in the first place or otherwise plant type spirits that showed up in the world would not be like phoenix's feathers or dragon's horns. Similarly, magical artifacts suitable for the wood category were just as pitifully scarce.

    But no matter how scarce.....

    It still shouldn't be scarce to the current extent.

    The real reason for the scarcity was.....

    "This will not do." Jun Wu Yao said after glancing at the magical artifact suitable for wood category spirits, and he threw it onto the floor in utter disdain. That had been a magical artifact highly coveted by countless people in the past but was now tossed out to roll a couple of times pitifully upon the cold floor, rattling mournfully with a hollow sound.
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