Chapter 1375: “Wu Yao (1)”

    Chapter 1375: "Wu Yao (1)"

    Seeing the floor filled with a wide scatter of magical artifacts, Ye Sha and Ye Mei could not help but feel pain in their hearts in grief and hang their in lament. They could recognize some of those magical artifacts as top notch ones but here they were..... tossed away by their Lord Jue as not being good enough?

    [Lord Jue, follow the script a little would you?]

    [Based on the standards you have set, which monkey year and horse month would it be before you find a suitable magical artifact?]

    [You haven't noticed that the Young Miss is already not willing to stand there and wait for you anymore?]

    The two men's gaze had already subconsciously shifted over to another skeletal rack where Jun Wu Xie had walked over to.

    Jun Wu Xie had initially still stood beside Jun Wu Yao, waiting for him to choose a magical artifact for her. But very soon, she realized..... she had better not stand there to wait as it would surely take quite a long while.

    She then quickly decided to have a look around the hall herself. Jun Wu Yao had mentioned it earlier that magical treasures with similar attributes with one's soul would give out a certain level of harmonious resonance to her touch. Although she was unable to identify the uses of the magical artifacts, she could at least test out the reaction from the various artifacts.

    Jun Wu Xie already grown to be highly adept at utilizing her spirit power and she only needed to summon the slightest sliver of it and touch those artifacts and she could feel a reaction from them.

    Like for fire type magical artifacts, when she touched them, her palm would feel tingle slightly with warmth while lightning types would induce a slightly prickly pain and water types made her feel a faint cold chill.....

    Jun Wu Xie was left idle and with nothing to do, she went to have a look around. Little Jue clutched at a bunch of jade ornaments and munched happily away as he made like a little tail of Jun Wu Xie's, trailing behind her as his scarlet eyes stared till they were almost popping out at the magical artifacts upon the skeletal racks.

    If it was said that there was a certain amount of spirit power within jade stones that posed to be an allure to the Soul Calming Jade, then all these magical artifacts that contained immense powers to Little Jue, would be no different from the finest foods in the whole world and he was standing in the midst of all of them. Even when he was chewing on jade stones in his mouth, his drool still flowed out from the corners of his mouth helplessly. After Jun Wu Xie had given him a warning earlier, he no longer dared to go around and "yit" indiscriminately, deeply afraid that he would incur the displeasure of Jun Wu Xie. Hence, in order to curb his gluttonous longing, he followed closely behind Jun Wu Xie, to use the sight of Jun Wu Xie's back to serve as a reminder to himself.

    This had come about by instinct, but made Jun Wu Xie found it helplessly amusing.

    She wouldn't really mind it if Little Jue were to grab at a bunch of the magical artifacts and gobble it down, but she had no way of knowing for sure what kind of an effect it would ultimately have on Little Jue.

    Whether it would be good or bad for him, was not something she could judge with any certainty.

    But seeing the highly pitiful eyes on the little fella, Jun Wu Xie's heart could not help but soften.

    "Come." Jun Wu Xie said with a hand stretched out before Little Jue.

    Little Jue blinked his eyes as he looked at the hand Jun Wu Xie had stretched out before him a moment, and then bashfully grasped it.

    Jun Wu Xie led Little Jue to come right before Jun Wu Yao, to stand among the mess of magical artifacts Jun Wu Yao had tossed around him.

    "Wu Yao."

    "Hmm?" Jun Wu Yao answered without thinking with his head still buried among the magical artifacts while he searched for one that would be "suitable" for Jun Wu Xie when he suddenly heard Jun Wu Xie call out to him. But in the very next instant, an expression of surprise immediately came onto his face.

    [She had called him Wu Yao?]

    [No longer Big Brother anymore?]

    That subtle change made Jun Wu Yao felt like a kitten was using its tiny paw to gently scratch at his heart, giving rise to a intoxicatingly ticklish sensation. He lifted his head to look into Jun Wu Xie's bright eyes, his own filled with surprise.

    "The magical artifact for me, can be temporarily put aside for awhile. Can you help Little Jue see if there is any suitable for Little Jue here instead?" Jun Wu Xie asked as she looked at Jun Wu Yao, seeing the strange look on his face.
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