Chapter 1376: “Wu Yao (2)”

    Chapter 1376: "Wu Yao (2)"

    Jun Wu Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie without a saying a word, his highly handsome eyes slightly widened, like he still had not recovered from the shock.

    Jun Wu Xie lifted an eyebrow a little as she watched the rare expression Jun Wu Yao was giving, finding it highly amusing in her heart. She then moved herself forward and lifted herself up on tiptoes to quickly plant a brief kiss upon the corner of his mouth.

    "Why are you standing there all dazed for?" She asked in a slightly rising tone, tinged with a trace of amusement.

    With that, Jun Wu Yao not only did not manage to recover but his expression grew even more stiff.

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei could no longer bear to make themselves watch any further as they covered their faces with their hands while Ye Gu stared completely flabbergasted, his face in utter disbelief.

    [Lord Jue..... Lord Jue..... by such a little picture of a tiny lass..... been taken advantage of! ! !]

    "You're not willing to?" Jun Wu Xie asked teasingly when she saw that Jun Wu Yao was still frozen in a daze.

    Jun Wu Yao finally managed to recover his senses after much struggle and he suddenly reached a hand out to wrap it around Jun Wu Xie's waist, pulling her into her embrace.

    "What did you call me just now? Say it one more time." He said with a fiery gaze, like a ball of fire was fiercely ablaze within his eyes.

    "You meant Wu Yao? What? You don't like it?" Jun Wu Xie asked with a evil fiery glint dancing within her eyes. Having gotten used to seeing Jun Wu Yao's usual demeanor with that devilish smile that was steady and indomitable as Mount Tai, occasionally seeing him look like this made her feel it to be rather interesting.

    Seeing his emotions rising and falling because of her, made Jun Wu Xie feel a sense of achievement fill inside her heart, coupled with a slight tinge of heart wincing sweetness.

    [Alright, she's got to admit that she seemed to have picked up a mischievous trait.]

    Jun Wu Yao drew in a deep breath and struck while she was unprepared when he lowered his head to kiss Jun Wu Xie upon that little mouth which had the corners slightly lifted up.

    The deep and immersive kiss drained out all the air from within their chests and Jun Wu Yao fought hard to suppress the surge of emotions in his heart before the situation could get out of control.

    He knows the kind of weight Jun Wu Xie commanded within his heart and understood the fact that she was completely different from anyone else. But he had not expected that a mere form of address would cause his heart to explode with a feeling of such pure bliss.

    He was really exceptionally easy to please.

    His feelings for Jun Wu Xie, was something that Jun Wu Yao himself had not understood how it had evolved into the way it was today.

    In the beginning, he had just been sealed up for too long and completely cut off from the rest of the world, unable to even recall how long it had been since he last saw another person till this little one appeared. Jun Wu Xie at that time, might have been in the most wretched state he had ever seen her.

    Completely covered all over in filth, even her little face was so badly smeared that her countenance could not be seen clearly. She had obviously been teetering right on the verge of death but she could still be calm enough to negotiate terms with him, a man of unknown identity.

    Jun Wu Yao could no longer remember how long the last person who dared to discuss terms with him had been dead for.

    It might have been due to having been sealed up for too long but he had actually accepted and even adhered to the agreement to deliver the little one safely back to the Lin Palace.

    Jun Wu Yao at that time had not had any other feelings for Jun Wu Xie at that time and the relationship between the two had been a transactional one where they made use of each other. Jun Wu Yao had needed an identity at that time and a temporary abode and he had settled down in the Lin Palace while assuming the identity of Jun Wu Yao.

    But he had never thought that the single nonchalant decision he made at that time would change everything in his future.

    Initially, he was just occasionally teasing this somewhat overly cold little one like he would a new toy he just discovered. He had also helped her then in a way that one would indulge a pet. It was not known from when his teasing of her had changed without him realizing anything, to morph into a kind of feeling that he had never experienced before.
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