Chapter 1377: “Wu Yao (3)”

    Chapter 1377: "Wu Yao (3)"

    Seeing her frown, his heart would ache. Seeing her being stubborn, he would feel helpless.

    That was the first time Jun Wu Yao knew that his emotions could actually be affected by another person's and these feelings that he had never had before caused him to be at a loss on what to do.

    Hence, he had then chosen to temporarily avoid any interaction with Jun Wu Xie but he was worried about her safety and he left Ye Sha behind to remain at her side to protect her.

    Till when upon the Cloudy Peaks, when Ye Sha had self imploded when Jun Wu Xie met with danger.

    When he sensed that, he was overcome with an almost uncontrollable urge to want to rush to her side in the first instant possible.

    Those confusing feelings, had been like an uncaged beast, surging beyond his control.

    Till he saw her and wrapped her within his arms, he then felt a kind of satisfaction he had never felt before.

    It was also from then that Jun Wu Yao abandoned the self imposed suppression, to admit to himself the feelings he had for her, regardless of what they were.

    He was perfectly willing, to protect the little one.

    No matter how the way forward turned out, he no longer wanted to avoid himself from it.

    Jun Wu Yao might still not know what those kind of feelings were called, but one point was incomparably clear to him. He wanted to be with the little one. No matter where or when, he wanted to do everything he could to give her the best, to fight with everything he had, to protect her.

    He could not put into words, what those feelings were, but he knew. The three characters that read as Jun Wu Xie had become the most important in his life, irrevocably branded into him for all eternity.

    The endless stream of thoughts whirled and spun through his mind at light speed as Jun Wu Yao finally ended that kiss. Where in reality, if he could, he wished that moment would forever never end.

    "I like you calling me that."

    Wu Yao, his name. No matter who he had been in the past, from that moment on, he would be Jun Wu Yao. The Jun Wu Yao who belonged only to her alone.

    He would give up the whole world, just to be the one person in her heart.

    Both of Jun Wu Xie's cheeks were flushed pink but she did not display any bit bashfulness as she looked at Jun Wu Yao with a grin on her face.

    She used to not know how to laugh but now, she had grown used to showing him a smiling countenance.

    The two of them shared a tacit understanding, an unspoken rapport. Some words had no need to be spoken and it was already understood between them.

    All kinds whispered sweet nothings or pledges of undying love, would finally still pale in comparison to the deep rapport shared between two hearts.

    When feelings went as deep as this, a single word of address would already be the most beautiful words of endearment.

    "If you like it, shouldn't you be finding something for Little Jue?" Jun Wu Xie inquired with a slight lift of an eyebrow. He had already taken his benefit, so shouldn't he be repaying it back with some form of action on his part?

    Jun Wu Yao laughed softly. The expressions on Jun Wu Xie's face was becoming more and more expressive and compared to the icy cold demeanor she had when they first met, it was definitely much more interesting now. And what he was most glad of, was that he had witnessed this change happening within her.


    [Did not miss seeing it.]

    "Your order has been received my Young Miss." Jun Wu Yao said, poking fun at Jun Wu Xie, his face stoic like he was obediently acknowledging orders given to him.

    Ye Gu almost vomited out blood at the sight, his entire person completely stunned.

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei then patted Ye Gu on his shoulder in greatly sympathy.

    [He will get used to it in time.]

    Having gained Jun Wu Xie's "encouragement, Jun Wu Yao no longer persisted in searching for a suitable magical artifact for Jun Wu Xie, but instead turned his gaze onto Little Jue standing at the side, who had his head shrunk into his shoulders.

    Little Jue had developed an innate awe towards Jun Wu Yao and he did not even dare move too much when he saw Jun Wu Yao before him. The sight of that terrified little form standing there would make anyone who saw him feel like enveloping him into their arms to properly comfort him.

    Unfortunately, Jun Wu Yao's embrace would forever only open up for Jun Wu Xie alone.

    "The Soul Calming Jade is a magical artifact that restores souls and there are magical artifacts better than that here. Kid, I'm in a good mood today so I'll pick a good one out for you." Jun Wu Yao said with laugh, his tone soaring in good spirits, as if telling everyone his mood today was really rather great!
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