Chapter 1380: “The Hunt Begins (2)”

    Chapter 1380: "The Hunt Begins (2)"

    Such a situation, had never occurred before. The Flamboyant Palace had specially sent their people here to investigate but had never found any sign of their members. This was one point that they found highly suspicious and they had linked it to the chaos that had happened in the Lower Realm previously, when the other palaces had been thrown into a tizzy when they lost their maps and they began to develop some ominous guesses.

    As they had thought, they had just encountered people from the Flame Demons Palace on this expedition and they had immediately attacked their group.

    By the time the people from the Soul Return Palaces appeared, the battle quickly became even more intense.

    "Those grandmothers' sons from the Flame Demons Palace really think that they own all of us now. The Elders were right, all those people we sent down here previously must have been ambushed by those bastards from the Flame Demons Palace." The people of the Flamboyant Palace were indignant with rage and they were already prepared to die in their search for the Dark Emperor's tomb. To the men here, heir loyalty and devotion to the Flamboyant Palace made them feel their selfless sacrifice was the ultimate sign of their dedication.

    But dying under the hands of people from the other palaces, would be a most intolerable humiliation!

    "Whatever we say now is of no use. We do not have time to waste with these people from the Flame Demons Palace. We should take advantage of this time when the Lower Realm is in such chaos and the various palaces are all distracted to quickly find the Dark Emperor's tomb instead." The leader of the men said cautiously.

    The other men from the Flamboyant Palace nodded in agreement and after they have calmed down, the biting cold at bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff immediately made them feel the chill and they had no choice but to summon their spirit powers to keep their bodies warm.

    It was not the first time the people in this group had come down to the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff. They had come here with other teams before but most of the people in their old teams had lost their lives down here. They had not managed to find the Dark Emperor's tomb in the end but had been fortunate enough to survive as they escaped back to the Flamboyant Palace. This time, the Flamboyant Palace had gathered all these veterans together and they had formed into a group of five hundred people to come once again down to the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff.

    This could be considered to be an extremely big force but unfortunately, on the tenth day after they descended the Heaven's End Cliff, they had encountered a group from the Flame Demons Palace and their numbers had now diminished by more than half with less than two hundred of them left.

    But they were all men of experience and coming to the Heaven's End Cliff was not that difficult a task for them. Although they did not have a map, but based on the many expeditions the Flamboyant Palace had sent forth to this place over the past few centuries and with the places those people had managed to slowly uncover, the group had already discovered a path that was slightly safer.

    Till they came to the place filled with icicles.....

    The sharp and pointed icicles sent chills into the people who looked upon them and what shocked the people from the Flamboyant Palaces even more was, upon this path they were familiar with, through the thick mist, they could faintly see the figures of some people!

    "Who goes there!" The leader of the group roared out a warning shout, the men behind him all readying their guard.

    But after waiting for a rather long while, he still did not hear any response. The dark blurry figures remained hidden within the darkness, not moving at all.

    One of the men then suggested in a whisper: "The situation doesn't feel right. Should we try to take a look first?"

    The face of the leader of the group furrowed up in a frown a moment before he got several of his subordinates to throw the Spirit Fire Globes forward, to light up the icy layer before them.

    And what was then revealed made every single one of them gasp loudly!

    "Mummy! ! !" The more timid ones immediately fell to their knees, their faces contorted in terror, their eyes almost popping out of their heads.

    In the layer of ice before their eyes, a countless number of corpses hung pierced through by the sharp icicles. All the bodies had been turned upside down, the crowns of their heads facing the ground with the icicles pierced out through their mouths, their heads a gory mess over the icicles!
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