Chapter 1382: “The Hunt Begins (4)”

    Chapter 1382: "The Hunt Begins (4)"

    While the men from the Flamboyant Palace were feeling highly nervous, two figures remained quietly hidden within the thick fog. They did not hold any thing in their hands that gave out light but it seemed as if their sight was able to penetrate through the mystifying fog and see everything clearly.

    "Heh, another bunch of goons had delivered themselves to our door." One of the youths said with an evil smile upon his face.

    "Don't waste anymore time." Another youth's cold voice rang out in his ear.

    The thick mist that made people lose their vision was before the two youths, like it did not exist, completely not blocking their vision in the slightest. Their sight pierced right through the mystifying fog and saw everything before them clearly, the fearful and terrified demeanor of the men from the Flamboyant Palace reflected vividly within their eyes.

    "Don't be in such a hurry. It's such a rare opportunity that we are able to battle and I've waited such a long time for this. All the fun tasks like this from before were always snatched up by those few scoundrels and I've not even gotten my turn at it for the past month. My hands have been itching so badly for so long you know?"

    The cold voiced youth swept his companion a glance and his eyes were filled with a kind of helplessness.

    "Do you want to waste your time here to tangle with these people here or would you rather hurry back and raise up that last bit of spirit powers of yours? If my memory serves me correctly, your progress seems to be the slowest among all of us."

    The cold voiced youth's single statement immediately made his companion's face fall into depression.

    "Okay okay okay! I'll say Brother Hua, can't you just praise me sometimes? It's not that my progress is slow but it's that all of you are improving just like devils possessed! I'll just do it now then. Will that do now!" The depressed youth complained indignantly and his body immediately shot out to the front!

    Those members of the Flamboyant Palace who were shrouded in terror did not even notice that death was almost upon them!

    Suddenly, an anguished howl sounded right at the back of the team of men!

    Warm blood shot up in a spray into the air and then fell like rain!

    The man standing right at the forefront was completely oblivious to what was happening and only felt that the whole team whose hearts had already been gripped with terror had suddenly erupted into a whirl of chaos!

    The silent group of men had suddenly broken out in howls of anguish and fright and the men numbering more than a hundred were thrown into turmoil!

    "Enemy attack! It's an enemy attack!" Someone within the team screamed out.

    The leader of the group was startled and he fought to push the fear within his heart down as he shouted: "All of you brace yourselves! Do not panic! We have many of us here and no matter who comes, we'll make sure he is unable to leave!"

    From the moment those brave words came out of his mouth, the chaos that had struck at the team of men had not stopped even for a moment.

    The youth standing within the thick fog watched on as his companion kicked up a ruckus within the group of men from the Flamboyant Palace and gave a light sigh. The spirit ring on his finger then glowed softly and a white bone flute materialized within his hand.

    The youth then calmly put the flute to his lips and slowly blew out a melody.

    The melodious tune of the flute reverberated within the empty expanse under the thick mystifying mist, the flute's heavenly sounding. Floating within the midst of those anguished wails, it sounded exceptionally mysterious.

    The men from the Flamboyant Palace who were caught within the turmoil had upon hearing the sounds of the flute suddenly felt a strange feeling spreading over their bodies.

    Their fear, panic and unease had all seemingly dissipated upon hearing the melody from that flute and a comforting and lazy feeling seeped into every one of their nerves, causing all of them to unconsciously drop the blades gripped in their hands. Those of them who had wanted to summon their ring spirits also slowly relaxed themselves, suddenly feeling their limbs becoming unbearably heavy, their minds so tired they did not want to even think, and everything before their eyes became no longer important to them.
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