Chapter 1383: “The Hunt Begins (5)”

    Chapter 1383: "The Hunt Begins (5)"

    They only wanted rest and have a good sleep.

    The men gave up on resisting one by one as they sat down upon the icy cold and dirty ground. They seem to have forgotten just how dangerous the place they were in was and they actually lay themselves upon the ground to fall asleep.

    The leader of the men from the Flamboyant Palace watched with his eyes wide as his comrades lay themselves upon the ground and fell asleep one after another as incredulity filled up in his eyes. But he was unable to fight back the exhaustion creeping into every part of his body and his just felt so tired and became very sleepy. His consciousness was screaming out to him that the place was filled with extreme danger but without knowing why, his heart could not seem to elicit a single sliver of anxiety and ability to struggle.

    The leader of the group shook his head vigorously but was unable to shake off the strange feeling coming over him. Both his legs felt heavy as lead and his eyes seemed like they were about to shut anytime. He fought desperately to keep his eyes open as he saw in his grogginess his comrades falling one by one in pools of their own blood. A tall slender figure then came out slowly, stepping upon the pools of blood as he emerged from within the thick fog all around him.

    It was an extraordinarily handsome youth, his body all covered in blood splatters.

    "Hey, this one's not bad. You're actually still standing?" The youth said with an exuberant smile.

    The leader of the men wanted to run, but his knees seemed to have grown roots into the ground as he knelt there unable to move.

    "You still haven't managed to deal with all of them yet?" A cold voice came floating over the leader's head from behind as another youth dressed in dark purple clothes appeared. That youth's countenance had devilishly beautiful features and what left a most lasting impression within his mind was the mole below a corner of his eyes like a tear.

    "Right away, right away!" The first youth came walking over to the leader with a grin on his face and reached his hand out to clasp it upon the head of the leader.

    "Who..... Who are..... you people....." The leader of the men struggled very hard to ask.

    "Huh? Us? If you like, you can call the hunters of the Twelve Palaces." The youth replied with a broad and easy smile upon his face and the hand gripping the top of the man's head turned!


    The neck of the leader of the men was immediately snapped off.

    "Finished and we can knock off!" The youth released his grip and dusted off his palms with a grin as he lifted his eyes to look at his companion.

    "I'll say, Brother Hua..... You can make your move a little later next time. I have not even begun to enjoy myself and you have already made them all completely unable to defend themselves. How am I going to know how far my powers have now come compared to the Twelve Palaces?" The exuberant youth who was all covered in blood was not anyone else but Qiao Chu who had gone into the Dark Emperor's tomb with Jun Wu Xie and the others one year ago!

    Standing with Qiao Chu there, was Hua Yao.

    In the one year that they had remained within the Dark Emperor's tomb, they had not stepped out once from there but have confined themselves inside the Dark Emperor's tomb as they worked tirelessly at raising their spirit powers. It was only about three months ago that they had finally come outside.

    Hua Yao shot Qiao Chu a cold gaze as he flipped the white bone flute in his hand in a spin before it morphed back into its Spirit Ring form upon his finger.

    "Little Xie asked us to come here to kill the people from the Twelve Palaces and not to see how yours powers have grown to become." Hua Yao replied coldly.

    If the fact that the Dark Emperor's tomb had been opened was allowed to spread, it would definitely cause the entire Middle Realm to rise to persecute all of them. Hence, in the period that the companions had cultivated in seclusion within the Dark Emperor's tomb, it was Ye Sha, Ye Mei and Ye Gu who had been helping them to get rid of all these people who managed to set foot into the middle reaches of the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff.
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