Chapter 1384: “The Hunt Begins (6)”

    Chapter 1384: "The Hunt Begins (6)"

    It was just three months ago after they got Jun Wu Yao's approval before they finally had the opportunity to come out to occasionally take these cleanup jobs off the hands of Ye Sha and his gang.

    "Brother Hua, do you need to be so serious? Don't you want to try and see how much your powers have evolved?" Qiao Chu asked, initially wanting to clasp his hands behind his head, but when he saw all the blood on them, he let his hands fall to hang by his sides.

    "I've tried it." Hua Yao replied calmly.

    Qiao Chu's eyes immediately lit up. "When was that?"

    Hua Yao swept his gaze over the dead bodies upon the ground. "Isn't the bone flute useful?"

    "....." Qiao Chu was speechless. He had thought Hua Yao to have a one tracked mind but it had turned out to be himself who did not see beyond his nose!

    "How do we deal with these corpses? Hang them upon the icicles?" Qiao Chu asked, clearing his throat as he looked at the corpses upon the icicles. That must have been the work of Fei Yan when he came out here.

    "Those already up there will provide enough of a warning. We'll just burn these ones here." Hua Yao said with a shake of his head.

    The number of dead bodies were too numerous this time and if they were to hang them all up, it would take up too much time.

    "Yay!" Qiao Chu cheered and immediately rolled up his sleeves, revealing the strong and muscular forearms. Under the biting chill at the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff, the two of them were dressed very thinly but they were feeling much more comfortable at that moment than they had when they first came here.

    The instant that Qiao Chu revealed his forearms, his Spirit Ring suddenly flashed with a brilliantly and that light became like two fire dragons that snaked up his forearms!

    Upon his arms, they formed into a pair of gauntlets that covered his hands and forearms where they turned a fiery red, the brilliant light bursting into roaring flames.

    Qiao Chu clenched his hands into fists and he smashed his fists against each other. A scarlet fire dragon shot out from between his fists, instantly covering over the dead bodies of the men from the Flamboyant Palace. Suddenly, a blazing fire rose into the sky!

    It dissipated the thick mist, as searing waves of the heat burst from the flames, engulfing the corpses that lay within the pools of blood.

    In the blink of an eye, the corpses of over a hundred men were burnt into almost nothing under the raging blaze, reduced into small indistinguishable black smothering heaps.

    Qiao Chu dismissed the gauntlets upon his arms and spread his legs to squat on the ground before he blew a breath out hard towards the smothering heaps.

    The heaps dispersed in a light powder form into the air leaving no trace behind as they scattered over the mud and soil at the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff.

    The blaze faded and the thick fog gathered once more, further obliterating all traces. Nobody would find out the kind of slaughter that had taken place here today.

    Ascertaining that their cleanup job was completed, the figures of Qiao Chu and Hua Yao turned into two flashes of lightning, speedily disappearing from the plane of icicles.

    In the Dark Emperor's tomb, Little Jue plopped himself before an open door, secretly sticking his head out from behind. His scarlet eyes were filled with curiosity as he watched with unwavering eyes the "little girl", Ye Jie, who was squatting upon the floor to clean the hall.

    A rotund and tiny little figure followed behind Ye Jie, squeaking happily away. It then seemed to suddenly sense something as it turned its head, immediately seeing Little Jue hiding behind the door.

    "Squeak!" The Hell Rodent leapt onto Ye Jie's shoulder in fright and hid under Ye Jie's hair as it trembled, its black eyes filled with terror as it stared at the innocent looking face of Little Jue.

    Little Jue looked at the terrified Hell Rodent but did not seem to feel that anything was wrong. He merely opened his mouth slightly as a suspicious wet trail hung from the corner of his lips.

    "How many times have I told you that the Hell Rodent is not to be eaten!" A displeased shout suddenly sounded from behind Little Jue.

    Little Jue had just wanted to turn around when he was rapped upon the head. He immediately held his head sadly as he looked sorrowfully at the fierce and angry Fei Yan standing behind him.
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