Chapter 1385: “Face of Sylvan (1)”

    Chapter 1385: "Face of Sylvan (1)"

    "Ow....." Little Jue's eyes filled with a misty glaze.

    However, Fei Yan was immune to such antics. The little kid's soul had been restored by the magical artifacts bit by bit and his consciousness had become clearer over this period. Although it had not yet been completely restored, he had already gained the awareness of a child of about five to six years old. With his soul somewhat recovered to a certain extent, his gluttonous character had however not changed a single bit!

    Ever since Little Jue once saw the Hell Rodent spitting out an endless stream of treasures, his eyes when he gazed upon the Hell Rodent had become strange after that. Not too long before today, when Ye Jie, whom Ye Gu had transformed back into discovered that the Hell Rodent was nowhere to be found, the little girl who had always been unable to express herself properly had immediately burst into tears.

    In the end, the Hell Rodent was picked out from inside Little Jue's mouth by Jun Wu Xie.

    When the Hell Rodent was pulled out, that pitiful little Hell Rodent had already fainted away from fright.

    Although Jun Wu Xie had lectured Little Jue sternly after that, Little Jue still could not change the strange gaze he gave when he looked at the Hell Rodent.

    Those eyes that blatantly said "you look so delicious" all the time had almost driven the poor Hell Rodent nuts.

    "Save your tears. They do not work on me." Fei Yan admonished.

    Little Jue then pouted, his face mournful.

    Ye Jie heard Fei Yan voice from inside the hall and realized what had happened. Her character highly different from the irritable Ye Gu, Ye Jie was very reserved. She had only spoken so much to Jun Wu Xie when Jun Wu Xie had switched her soul into the body of the little black cat because she had seen Jun Wu Xie as a spirit body. People from the Spirit Soul race were innately close to all spirit bodies which makes it easy to communicate with them.

    But if you were to make Ye Jie speak to people, she would have problems saying one word in three days.

    Fei Yan gave Ye Jie and apologetic glance and dragged Little Jue away.

    It was rather strange though. Ever since they come into the Dark Emperor's tomb, Ye Gu as the guardian of the Dark Emperor's tomb had only resisted against them once in the beginning and had then mysteriously turned to become one of them after that, to the extent that during his occasionally appearances, he had seemingly become very close to Ye Sha and Ye Mei.

    And everyone else seemed to have accepted Ye Gu and Ye Jie joining them unconditionally.

    For no other reason but just for their surname. Ye.

    Members of the Night Regime all had the surname Ye and a guess had begun to form within the hearts of all the youths in there, but they had all tacitly not spoken a word about it.

    "Little Yan, Dumb Qiao is back and Little Xie asked me to come get you guys over there." Fan Zhuo said smilingly as he approached, yelling over to Fei Yan from a distance away.

    In the palatial main hall of the Dark Emperor's tomb, the magical artifacts that had filled the place before had now diminished in quantity a little. Although in its entirety, the amount reduced was hard to notice, but if one looked carefully, they would be able to spot quite a few empty skeletal racks among them.

    Within that expansive hall, a tiny figure stood quietly beside a white skeletal rack. It was an exquisite figure of a young lady and though covered under clothes, they were unable to hide the slender and wavy curves a young lady would have.

    Upon that young lady's face, was a silver mask. Upon both sides of the mask, were carvings of runes that symbolized life force, exquisitely crafted.

    "Little Xie! We're back!" A highly energetic figure exclaimed, sweeping into the main hall.

    The young lady who stood inside the main hall slowly removed the mask from her face. Under that mask, was a highly breathtaking countenance that made one breathless to gaze upon. The mask that had been removed by the young lady turned into a ray of light in her hand and gradually shrunk to transform into a ear stud, which the young lady then casually wore onto her ear.

    That tiny ear stud, or to put it more accurately, was actually a mask, called the Face of Sylvan.
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