Chapter 1386: “Out of Seclusion (1)”

    Chapter 1386: "Out of Seclusion (1)"

    It was among the top ten most elite magical artifacts that was buried together with the Dark Emperor in the Dark Emperor's tomb and Jun Wu Yao had taken one whole month to pick and choose before he finally found this permanent magical artifact to be most suitable for Jun Wu Xie.

    Putting on the ear stud, Jun Wu Xie when compared to a year ago, had her body grown tall and slender, her facial features become more exquisite. She stood with her hands hanging down by her sides as she turned to look at Qiao Chu and Hua Yao who had returned, looking like a breathtaking painting come to life.

    A year's time had seen heaven and earth altering changes happen upon the bodies of the group of youthful companions, and that was only just the beginning.

    "Haha, a hundred over people this time and they were all instantly taken down by Brother Hua and me! That kind of a feeling, is just too great for words!" Qiao Chu exclaimed with a uncontainable sparkle in his eyes.

    Back in the early days when they had been pursued and persecuted by the Twelve Palaces, they had to hide and live ignobly. Straddled with deep blood vengeance in their hearts, they were unable to avenge their parents and family. But now, they finally hold powers that they had dreamed of all their lives! The feeling that they would now be able to fight back against the enemy was so exhilarating that they felt like roaring out in joy.

    An eyebrow lifted on Jun Wu Xie's face. Towards Qiao Chu's excitement, she didn't really mind it.

    They had worked very hard at training and cultivation for the past year, not even sleeping for days and nights. To the extent that for half a year, they had sustained themselves on a diet of only dew and fruits, hadn't it all been for the sake of attaining all of this?

    Hua Yao glanced at the highly excited Qiao Chu and his eyes looked at him with helplessness.

    Very soon, Fei Yan, Fan Zhuo and Rong Ruo came running in as well, the youthful companions gathered together once again.

    "Shush! I am not about to want to hear your incessant ramblings!" Fei Yan said immediately when he saw Qiao Chu about to open his mouth who was almost hopping in his spot with excitement, to indicate in no uncertain terms that he did not want to hear him brag.

    Qiao Chu pouted sadly.

    Hua Yao took a step forward and said: "On our trip outside this time, the Twelve Palaces had significantly increased the number of men they send down here and they were all from the Middle Realm, which is a rather odd point."

    The Twelve Palaces knew of the dangers beyond the Heaven's End Cliff and in order to preserve their powers, they were used to getting their pawns in the Lower Realm to risk their lives down here. But the situation seemed to have changed as ever since they came out of seclusion and took over the job of Ye Sha and Ye Mei, they discovered that no one from the Lower Realm came to the Heaven's End Cliff anymore. Within all the groups of people they had attacked, they were made up of people only from the Middle Realm and their numbers were increasing with every time they encountered them.

    "It hadn't only been a day or two that the Twelve Palaces have been making use of the Lower Realm so why have they suddenly changed the way they are doing things for seemingly no good reason? I do not think that they would have suddenly discovered their conscience. I had asked Big Brother Ye Sha and the others about it and they said that it was roughly about half a year ago when they stopped seeing people from the Lower Realm coming down the Heaven's End Cliff." Hua Yao said, a little more cautious.

    In the past one year, they had all been cultivating in seclusion and had been cut off from the rest of the world. The only area they currently moved about in was just the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff.

    Ever since the Twelve Palaces discovered where the Dark Emperor's tomb was, they had begun to spread news about the Heaven's End Cliff within the Lower Realm and each individual palace had gotten themselves a particular power in the Lower Realm to use as a pawn. Unless they had managed to accurately pinpoint the location of the Dark Emperor's tomb, the Twelve Palaces would not choose to sacrifice their own men which would diminish their might and not make use of their sacrificial lambs here in the Lower Realm.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed. She was aware of what Hua Yao had just mentioned and that was why she had told Hua Yao to pay a little more attention to it on this trip out.

    "Something must have happened either within the Lower Realm or the Middle Realm to cause this change." Jun Wu Xie said with her eyes lowered slightly in thought, a cold glint flashing brightly within.

    "How are your current conditions?" She asked suddenly.

    Qiao Chu and the others glanced at each other, almost immediately understanding what Jun Wu Xie was saying and they quickly replied smilingly.

    "Couldn't be any better! We're all ready to kick up a big storm anytime anyplace!"

    Jun Wu Xie's gaze moved from the bunch of youths to fall upon the figure of Jun Wu Yao, whom nobody knew from when had suddenly appeared and now stood at the doorway. The corners of her lips then curved in a faint smile as she then said decisively.

    "Then, it is about time that we should be going back."
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