Chapter 1389: “The World in Chaos (3)”

    Chapter 1389: "The World in Chaos (3)"

    Qiao Chu's face turned so dark that it was rather frightening to look at. Towards what they had discovered in the Condor Country's Capital City, was something they still could not forget till this day.

    "It must be the Soul Return Palace! Just what do they want to achieve that they must stir up so much chaos and turmoil! Doesn't any of the other palaces care at all?" Qiao Chu spat out through gritted teeth. The line that divided the Middle Realm and the Lower Realm had always been clearly drawn. When the Twelve Palaces searched for the Dark Emperor's tomb, they had always carried out their work discreetly and would never create such a big stir to surface within the Lower Realm.

    "Care? Do you really think that those Poison Men is the work of just the Soul Return Palace alone?" Hua Yao said with a sneer.

    "What do you mean?" Qiao Chu asked, slightly startled.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed up as she said: "The Twelve Palaces are not holding themselves back this time."

    "Huh?" Qiao Chu was still a little confused.

    "Isn't this a great opportunity for us then? We should really let them have a good taste of our powers! I have waited so long for a moment like this." Fei Yan said, a fire ignited within his eyes. With deep blood vengeance upon their backs, the Twelve Palaces to them had become incompatible like fire and water.

    "Little Xie, what are your plans?" Rong Ruo asked, her gaze falling on Jun Wu Xie.

    To which Jun Wu Xie replied: "We move out immediately."

    Jun Wu Xie already had her owns guesses on the current situation.

    The Twelve Palaces had never done something like this but they had suddenly made such a brutal move against the Lower Realm. It must have been a case of a cornered dog jumps the wall.

    They must have discovered that the maps that several of the palaces held have all disappeared and became anxious to kick up such a storm in the Lower Realm. As to what their objective for this was, Jun Wu Xie still could not be sure. What could they possibly hope to achieve by creating such chaos in the Lower Realm? What would they stand to gain from this?

    Jun Wu Xie's heart was wrenched up in worry at that moment. The lands in chaos and from the waiter's words earlier, it was not hard to determine that the main forces resisting the Poison Men were the Fire Country together with the Qi and Buckwheat Kingdom. Among those three countries, any one of them held extraordinary meaning to Jun Wu Xie.

    If the Twelve Palaces dared to harm any of the people she cared about this time, even if she needed to pursue them to the ends of the world, she would annihilate the Twelve Palaces!

    At that moment, Jun Wu Xie could no longer sit still. She stood up suddenly and immediately returned to the horse carriages. Qiao Chu and the others quickly followed behind, not having time to even take a single gulp of water.

    Jun Wu Yao accompanied Jun Wu Xie inside the horse carriage and as he watched Jun Wu Xie's stern profile, he clasped his hand over her tiny one.

    "They are stronger than you imagine. Do not worry." Jun Wu Yao knew what Jun Wu Xie was worrying about. The disparity in the powers between the Lower Realm and the Middle Realm was too great and now that the Twelve Palaces had so blatantly taken such a cruel hand against the Lower Realm, how could Jun Wu Xie not be worried?

    Jun Wu Xie took a deep breath. "I've not yet gone to them and they have instead come knocking on my door."

    No matter how many of the Twelve Palaces were involved in this incident, she would not spare a single one of them. She didn't care how powerful the Middle Realm was as she only knew that her outer shell of a body grew up in the Lower Realm and the family she cared about, her companions were all here. She would never allow those trash from the Middle Realm to trample upon the lives of the people in the Lower Realm like this!

    "There is no need for Little Xie to get angry at all. Since they are just pests that disgusts you, just crush them to death." Jun Wu Yao said with a devilish smile.

    Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes to a slit.

    "That's right. Crush them, and it'll be fine."

    The scorching sun hung high in the sky. Jun Wu Xie and her companions climbed into the horse carriages and sped towards the east, towards lands scorched by the fires of battle, filled with chaos and disorder.
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