Chapter 1390: “Robbery (1)”

    Chapter 1390: "Robbery (1)"

    From the remote mountains and going towards the wide lands, Jun Wu Xie sat within the horse carriage where some small towns could be see far in the distance. Those once idyllic little towns, were now in shambles and ruin, the buildings and houses crumbling like they had been burnt by intense fire, signs of burning highly evident upon the broken tiles.

    The horse carriages then stopped at the side of the road and Jun Wu Xie stepped out, peering at the crumbled walls and broken rubble.

    A nauseating pungent stench hung in the air over the entire town and upon the scorched land, badly mutilated corpses could still be seen. Those corpses looked like they had been chewed upon by wild beasts, their bellies torn open, with no signs of their internal organs present.

    "It's just too disgusting. Could this be the doing of the Poison Men?" Qiao Chu asked as he stared at the corpses with a frown upon his face. Among those rotting corpses, quite a number of them were bodies of young children and there were only parts of them left where even their heads were no longer whole.

    "The Poison Men would not chew upon the corpses." Ye Mei said with a tilt of his eyebrow as he squatted down beside one of the dead bodies and used a finger to smear it with a little blood that had dried up before bringing it before his nose to sniff at it.

    The faint smell of blood was tinged with another strange scent, a scent that Ye Mei was not familiar with.

    "The Poison Men would attack their enemies and they might use their mouths to tear at their flesh, but it wouldn't result in wounds like this. The internal organs of these people had obviously been eaten by something and if it had been wild beasts, then they would not just eat the internal organs. Ye Sha and me have also observed that not a single one of these corpses have their internal organs still intact. All this cannot possibly be a coincidence." Ye Mei said thoughtfully with an eyebrow arched up. The wounds on the dead bodies were different from those the Poison Men would inflict and that was a point that he found rather strange.

    "It's not the Poison Men?" Fan Zhuo asked, his brow lifting.

    "Even if it's not the Poison Men, they are not that different from them. Afterall, we have not gone back to the Middle Realm for such a long time and they could possibly have developed something else." Ye Sha added.

    Jun Wu Xie walked forward intending to check on the corpses when suddenly, her ears heard some faint noises.

    Jun Wu Xie turned around to stare at the broken buildings.

    The corners of Jun Wu Yao's mouth curled up.

    All of a sudden!

    Several figures leapt out from the shadows.

    Qiao Chu and the others immediately put forth a guarded posture. But when they saw who the other party was, they were quickly stunned.

    Appearing before their eyes, were not the Poison Men, but were instead more than ten men in ragged clothes who held machetes and hoes in their hands. Their hair were all in a mess and their faces filthy as their eyes shone with greed while eyeing Jun Wu Xie and her companions.

    "These people..... are from that tea stall from before." Rong Ruo said, her sharp eyes discovering a few familiar figures among them. Those men had already shown shifty gazes earlier back at the tea stall.

    A slightly more well built man from within that group then lifted his machete and pointed it at Jun Wu Xie and her companions before he said fiercely: "We do not intend to make things difficult for you. All of you will only need to leave all the valuables you have on you behind and we'll let you go!"

    When Fan Zhuo had handed the gold ingot to the waiter earlier, that glittery gold had already attracted the attention of these bunch of refugees. They had noticed although Jun Wu Xie and her companions had quite a number of people in their group, most of them were still immature youths, with even a few children among them. Coupled with the fact that the whole bunch of people were brightly dressed and possessed handsome looks with smooth skin who looked like a bunch of nerds, that had caused them to develop sinister intentions. They had followed the horse carriages all the way to this place and were finally presented with a chance for them to strike.

    More than ten of them leapt out from various parts of the town and surrounded Jun Wu Xie and her group, their intentions obvious.
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