Chapter 1392: “Robbery (3)”

    Chapter 1392: "Robbery (3)"

    The Poison Men squatting upon the ground and eating at the internal organs of the refugees, suddenly sensed danger approaching and one of them lifted his head up quickly, his eyes that had turned greyish white suddenly reflecting a highly graceful and elegant figure within them!

    With a loud crash, the head of the brawny Poison Man suddenly exploded into smithereens!

    The figure of Jun Wu Xie swept past like lightning, without getting tainted by a single drop of blood.

    The Poison Man who lost his head fell heavily to the ground as a foul stink rose from his corpse. That stench attracted the attention of the other Poison Men and they all stopped eating to turn their heads to look at Jun Wu Xie.

    The faces of the Poison Men were bulging with green veins, their facial features looking contorted and so out of shape that their original countenance were no longer recognizable.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes flashed with a sharp chill. Little Jue elder brother had been poisoned by people from the Soul Return Palace previously and had turned into a Poison Man. Jun Wu Xie had seen the way he had looked then when he had gone on a rampage and although his facial countenance had been contorted, it had not been to such an extent like these before her eyes.

    These people, were not the same as the Poison Men she had seen before back at the Condor Country.

    The death of one of the Poison Man drew the attention of the other Poison Men around and from around a dark shadowy corner, another group of Poison Men numbering more than ten came walking out with malevolent expressions on their faces, fully surrounding Qiao Chu and the others who were standing behind Jun Wu Xie.

    "Wah! I had not thought there were so many of them." Qiao Chu said as he stared at the Poison Men closing in on them, without the slightest sliver of fear in his eyes but filled with excitement instead.

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei had readied themselves to attack and the mask on Ye Jie's face had already begun to shift.

    "To our few Big Brothers here, against these shrimpy foot soldiers and crabby opponents, there's no need for you to fight. Just leave it all to us." Fei Yan said as he went to stand before Ye Sha and his group, telling them they do not need to trouble themselves.

    Ye Sha and the others were slightly taken aback but immediately understood what Fei Yan meant.

    As expected, the eyes of Qiao Chu and his gang were now shining with excitement and exuberance as purple coloured spirit power gathered around the bodies of the group of youths!

    "Looks like we'll be able to take it easy this time." Ye Mei said with a laugh while taking a step back consciously, to hand the battleground to this bunch of highly exuberant youths.

    Ye Gu who had just transformed rubbed at his nose and stood aside a little unwillingly.

    Suddenly, Qiao Chu, Hua Yao, Rong Ruo, Fei Yan and Fan Zhuo turned into five light streaks, straight towards the group of Poison Men coming towards them.

    A scarlet barrel of flame rushed like a fiery dragon towards the Poison Men. Qiao Chu blended himself into the fire and blazing fists smashed right onto the head of a Poison Man. The head of the Poison Man instantly exploded, a large cavity opened up scorched and blackened and the body fell to the ground before the Poison Man even made a sound.

    Rong Ruo stood before the gang, not in a rush to charge forward. She summoned the Hell Butterflies and a numerous number of them glittered and sparkled as they fluttered in the air.

    Rong Ruo's open palms suddenly clenched tight!

    The numerous Hell Butterflies exploded in an instant to turn into glittering specks of lights that hung in the air as they were breathed into the lungs of the Poison Men.

    "Rend!" Rong Ruo gave a low shout!

    At the moment her voice fell, several of the Poison Men close to her found their chests suddenly being pierced through by something from the inside!

    Within their chests that had been split open, it could be seen that the insides had already been churned up into a gory mess.

    The incredibly strong Poison Men were reduced to become completely defenceless pieces of trash before Qiao Chu and the gang, resulting in a one sided battle where the Poison Men suffered the long suppressed urge for slaughter by the entire group of youths!

    In moments, the entire little town lit up with flashes of fiery light, the thick stench of blood hanging heavily in the air.

    The fortunate few refugees who managed to survive just watched with mouths agape and eyes almost popping out of their heads at the unbelievable sight they were witnessing!
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