Chapter 1393: “Variant Poison Men (1)”

    Chapter 1393: "Variant Poison Men (1)"

    The Poison Men who had completely always terrified the refugees were before this bunch of youths completely defenceless, unable to retaliate in the slightest, as the one sided slaughter played out before their eyes. All of these, was something they would never forget for the rest of their lives.

    At that moment, the refugees finally understood just how childish and juvenile they had been when they had wanted to rob this group of people. Even the Poison Men were no match for them, much less useless trash like them!

    Twenty over of the Poison Men were wiped out in a blink, their bodies scattered across the ground with the foul stench they gave out nauseating a great number of them.

    Jun Wu Xie slowly stepped away from a splatter of the foul flesh, her white clothes not stained in the slightest from the battle, her dress still as pure white as new.

    "Heh heh, I had thought how powerful these monsters had been, but they all just can't take a beating afterall, not even a single blow." Qiao Chu said as he retracted his flaming gauntlets, looking rather unsatisfied while his gaze swept over the dead Poison Men.

    "Too weak. Really just too weak." Qiao Chu lamented as he shook his head. He had not even warmed up and all the Poison Men were already lying upon the ground.

    "It's not that they're too weak, but we've just become stronger." Fan Zhuo said as he lowered his head to look at his hands. Back in the Dark Emperor's tomb, they had not really been able to get a clear idea on how much power they've gained, but now, they've finally come to realize just how insane their powerful might have become.

    Fan Zhuo's words spoke the hearts of the bunch of youths there, making them puff up their chests with pride.

    A year's time of painstaking cultivation, and the reward they've finally gained.

    The refugees recovered from their terror as they knelt and groveled upon the ground, tears in their eyes with mucus running as they wailed pitifully.

    "Little us have eyes and don't know Mount Tai, and we plead for our Lords to have mercy and spare us." They were so frightened their bodies were trembling. Having just witnessed with their own eyes such a massacre, how could they not be afraid?

    They were not even able to defend themselves against the Poison Men, much less Jun Wu Xie and her gang?

    "Scram." Jun Wu Xie spat out coldly.

    The bunch of men quickly scrambled their sorry behinds and ran away, not even daring to collect the dead bodies of their companions.

    "The strength of these Poison Men seem to be a little stronger than those we've seen in the past." Ye Mei commented as he rubbed at his chin. He had felt that the corpses who had been attacked by the Poison Men a little strange earlier and from what they had seen, the Poison Men had indeed changed quite a bit.

    Jun Wu Xie bent down and inspected the dead bodies of the Poison Men.

    The Poison Men who died under Rong Ruo's hands were in the worst state. Their chests churned into a mess of minced flesh but they also showed the constitution of the Poison Men's body most clearly.

    After the gang elevated their spirit powers, Fan Zhuo discovered some things suitable for improving their Spirit Rings and he had reforged his companions' Spirit Rings to let their ring spirits achieve more terrifying changes.

    After Rong Ruo's ring spirit transformed, the Hell Butterflies could turn themselves into Hell Dust that scattered into the air. If an enemy breathed the Hell Dust into their lungs, the fine particles of the Hell Dust were able to transform themselves into sharp blades under Rong Ruo's control, to pierce through the chests of her enemies.

    The Poison Men who had their chests torn open, it could be seen from the wide gaping wound that they were no longer human. The changes that they had undergone was not just their skin colour, but even the layer of flesh and their blood had become different from a normal human. Their blood was dark purple and so was they flesh, including their internal organs, all displaying signs of turning black from having been soaked through with poison, all the way into their bones.

    Such a situation, was completely different from Little Jue's elder brother.
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