Chapter 1394: “Variant Poison Men (2)”

    Chapter 1394: "Variant Poison Men (2)"

    Jun Wu Xie had looked into the poisonous liquid they had immersed people in to create Poison Men in the Condor Country before and she could roughly identify the herbs they had used for it. But looking at the dead bodies of these Poison Men here, the poison in their bodies were far more potent than that she had seen used for the Poison Men in the Condor Country.

    The blood of the Poison Man had spilled onto the ground which dissolved away a layer of the soil under his body. The degree of corrosiveness here when compared to the Bone Corroding Trees beyond the Heaven's End Cliff would not even be worth mentioning but to a normal human, to have a person's blood containing such a highly corrosive element, it was almost impossible.

    "They're different from the Poison Men in the Condor Country, and also different from Scarlet Blood as well. This is a new kind of poison." Jun Wu Xie informed the others with a frown on her face.

    "Different? So..... this is not the work of the remnants from the Condor Country?" Hua Yao said, thinking that it was rather strange.

    When Jun Wu Xie had wiped out the existence of the Condor Country the, the Emperors from the other countries who had been under house arrest had told them the soldiers the Condor Country had sent to their countries had already moved out, and in the hands of those soldiers, held the things needed to create Poison Men. When the companions heard the news that the lands was in complete chaos, the first thing they had thought of was that those Emperors had not succeeded in stopping the soldiers of the Condor Country from their evil deed, and Poison Men had then spread and multiplied from then.

    But Jun Wu Xie's conclusion now had denied them that assumption.

    "I do not know." Jun Wu Xie said coldly. The clues she had at this point was not enough and there was no way she could make an accurate judgement at this point.

    The clothes on the Poison Men were in tatters. The explosively growth of their muscles had already overstretched the clothes where they had burst and torn. Their facial features were contorted and twisted, making it impossible to determine their identities.

    Jun Wu Xie stood up. "To know the truth of the matter, we will need to go back."

    The youths immediately nodded. They searched through the small town and when they discovered several more Poison Men, they exterminated them and immediately moved out after.

    The skies of the Lower Realm was gloomy and grey, just like the fear that had gripped the hearts of the people of the Lower Realm in the past one year.

    The carriages of Jun Wu Xie and her companions came from afar, to gradually trundle to reach the side of several once prosperous cities that now lay broken and dilapidated the city gates badly damaged, the wide streets desolate and empty. Standing outside the city, they could only hearing the wind whistling past their ears, unable to sense the slightest bit of the presence of people alive.

    Upon the road, Jun Wu Xie and the gang encountered another group of refugees. There were men and women among them, all thoroughly exhausted but Fei Yan still managed to gather some news from them. The group of people had escaped from the Qu Country. The Qu Country was a small country but were slightly bigger than the initial Qi Kingdom.

    They were citizens of the Qu Country but the Poison Men had attacked and fear shrouded the entire Qu Country. Their homeland had been trampled upon and in order to escape, they had no other choice but to leave their homes.

    In fact, besides these common citizens from the Qu Country here, throughout the Lower Realm, there were many small countries whom were unable to resist the invasion of the Poison Men army, forced to retreat from defeat. They were unable to protect their own people and the one and only thing to be glad about was that the Emperor had not given up on defending their countries. They led their armies to stop and delay the advance of the Poison Men army, to allow their citizens to evacuate as quickly as they could as they ran away from their familiar country, into the seldom trodden forested mountains to hide themselves.

    Only praying that this calamity would end soon.

    Seeing the aged with their hair already all white, and young children looking completely exhausted and highly haggard, Qiao Chu and the others quietly clenched up their fists tightly, their eyes turning red and bloodshot.

    Just how far did the Twelve Palaces want to go before it's enough?

    "We'll go to the Qu Country's frontlines." Jun Wu Xie with her eyes narrowed, immediately making a decision. Everything, would begin from here!
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