Chapter 1395: “End The Killing by Killing (1)”

    Chapter 1395: "End The Killing by Killing (1)"

    Within the Qu Country, destroyed cities were everywhere. The Qu Country's army was battling the Poison Man army upon the battlefield, an endless slaughter as the thick stench of blood hung suffocatingly.

    The Emperor of the Qu Country was a senior old man past fifty. Although the hair on both sides of his temple had already turned white, his gaze was still bright as flames.

    "Your Majesty! Our army is about to break! The enemy are just an army of maniacs! They do not fear death nor do they fear pain, even with their limbs cut off, they still charge forward without hesitation. If it goes on like this, the soldiers are all going to....." The Commander in Chief knelt pale faced before the Qu Country's ruler, despair written within his eyes.

    The Qu Country's ruler's body trembled slightly but finally firmed himself.

    "Have the men who left to seek help from the Fire Country and the Buckwheat Kingdom  returned?" The Qu Country's ruler composed his heart and fought to make himself appear a little calmer.

    "Not yet....." The Commander in Chief said as his head looked down in pain.

    The maniacal Poison Men had swept across the lands and many countries suffered heavy casualties. Quite a number of slightly weaker small countries had within a few short months suffered the fate of annihilation. Although those Poison Men did not use any weapons and were not able to summon ring spirits, their very fearlessness had made people's heads crawl.

    Their hard and tough skin was impenetrable, with their maniacal heedless charge drove fear into everyone. This was not a battle with an enemy army, but a battle to the death with a bunch of monsters!

    The figures of Poison Men could be seen everywhere throughout the lands nowadays and the mightiest Fire Country had already joined forces with the quickly strengthening Qi and Buckwheat Kingdoms to retaliate against the invasion of the Poison Men. The most fortunate thing was that the three strong powers had not chosen to just ensure their own safety but had accepted the pleas for help from various countries by sending their soldiers to reinforce several countries who had fallen into hard and bitter battles.

    If not for the powerful soldiers from these three powers, the number of countries that have been wiped out would surely have multiplied by numerous folds.

    The strong country power nearest to the Qu Country was the Buckwheat Kingdom. Who would have thought that the highly weak Buckwheat Kingdom would after receiving the Condor Country's lands and citizens suddenly leap to become such a mighty country? Under the invasion of the Poison Men, they had not only been able to successfully defend themselves, they had even tried everything they could to reinforce other countries.

    Just a month ago, when the Qu Country's Emperor had suddenly realized in shock that the country was unable to retaliate against the Poison Men's attack, he had immediately gathered the army to draw out the battle, to allow the citizens to evacuate and to send a distress signal to the Buckwheat Kingdom to ask for help.

    But a month had passed and the men sent out still had not returned.

    In these times of treacherous danger, whether the men would be able to reach the Buckwheat Kingdom was in question and the Buckwheat Kingdom had already sent reinforcements to four other countries, which would have taken a large part of their numbers. Even if they had received the Qu Country's plea for help, whether they would be unwilling to send reinforcements would something one could not be certain of.

    The Qu Country's ruler was in despair and he longer held any hope that he would be able to protect his country. He only hoped to be able to let more citizens escape, to run deep into the mountains which were safer.

    As the ruler of a country, the fact he was unable to defend his lands was due to his incompetence.

    "It's the end..... The end....." The Qu Country's ruler said as he shook his head in sorrow. The Qu Country was about to fall and falling in this manner was greatly terrifying. It wasn't an invasion by another country but they would be torn to shreds by a bunch of monsters.

    The Qu Country's ruler walked out of the military tent with the Commander in Chief, looking at the dense rows of Poison Men within the messy battle and his heart suddenly turned cold as ice.

    Those Poison Men were like the endless tide, surging forth incessantly from the back. The Qu Country's soldiers fought with their very lives to kill the enemy but were unable to stop the rolling surge of the massive wave!

    Their blood flowed into the lands, their final act of glory.
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