Chapter 1396: “End The Killing by Killing (2)”

    Chapter 1396: "End The Killing by Killing (2)"

    "HYARRRGH!" All covered in blood, the soldiers of the Qu Country gripped the spears in their hands and together, they pushed back the Poison Men charging at them. Their faces completely stained by blood, they roared and stared with their eyes widened, to look straight at the monsters who had terrified them.

    At that moment, they had forgotten all about fearing, forgotten all about the very threat of death.

    The only thing they knew was that they must not retreat.

    No retreat!

    The surging army of Poison Men caused them to be unable to see any sliver of hope, and the heart of almost every soldiers from the Qu Country's army were well aware of that, knowing that the Qu Country was about to fall! These monsters were going to charge right into their home country, to massacre the members of their family..... it's now all over.

    In the minds of every one of those soldiers, they all signalled clear despair, but they still did not show fear or terror.

    Even if they could not live, they still refused to die like dogs!

    Even if they did not have the power to avert the inescapable crisis, they would fight till their very last breath, to kill! Kill! Kill!

    This would be their last struggle before they collapsed, the final show of their beliefs.

    The utter despair drove them to not fear everything. They have nowhere else to retreat back into.

    The kind of gradually suffocating despair was pushed down and buried into the ground, besides feeling deep sorrow, they fell into a maniacal frenzy, the vile hatred that filled their hearts bursting to descend upon the Poison Men who destroyed everything they had!

    Unable to be salvaged, unable to be rescued, hence, their last struggle in despair.

    "ARRRRRRRGH! ! !" A soldier at the forefront of the battle line had his body pierced through by a Poison Man with his hands, and more soldiers in their anguish, pounced upon those Poison Men and used even their teeth to viciously bite the flesh of the Poison Men.


    Why must they come usurp the peaceful lives they lived here? Why do they not even leave a single way out for them to live! ?

    The battlefields of the Lower Realm, had never seen such a bitter and desperate battle like this. That was no longer the crossing of swords between human and human, but a desperate wail from their souls. They were not up against humans, but a bunch of monsters!

    The hopeless despair gripped the hearts of every single one of the men.

    The Qu Country's ruler could not bear to see his brave soldiers continue to die and had been determined to go into battle himself, but was dragged to stop by his Commander in Chief and soldiers.

    "The Qu Country is about to be annihilated. When a country falls, there would no longer be a ruler. From today onwards, I am no longer your Emperor. I am just the same as all of you, a man of the Qu Country who is defending the country, fulfilling the duty of every son of the Qu Country!" The Qu Country's ruler threw the crown upon his head that was the symbol of his Imperial authourity onto the floor and waved away the bunch of men who came forward to dissuade him. He gripped his sword in his hand and charged towards the battlefield, unwilling to hide behind his identity at the back any longer.

    "Your Majesty!" The Commander in Chief wailed together with his men.


    A blindingly brilliant ray of light shone before the men's eyes!

    Like a shooting star that sailed over their heads from the back of the Qu Country's main camp, to fall right into a spot on the battlefield where the fighting was most intense!

    The light had lit up the grey and gloomy skies, causing the despairing soldiers upon the battlefield to instantly stare with their eyes wide with confusion.

    That light landed right within the Poison Men army and in an instant, the Poison Men there were immediately ground up into minced flesh!

    "Roar! ! !"

    A deafening roar that shook the Heavens filled the skies around them!

    When the brilliant light faded, a gigantic figure suddenly appeared upon the battlefield!

    It was fully white giant sized Spirit Beast, its body like the size of a mountain. Nine tails behind it swept, cutting a wide swath as it instantly pounded the impenetrable Poison Men into flat meat patties!

    And upon the head of that unbelievably towering beast, an elegantly thin figure stood erect proudly, a wild wind blowing the snow white clothes in fluttering billows, long black hair lifted to fan out behind.

    In an instant, the eyes of everyone was focused upon that slender figure, like time had frozen right at that moment.
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