Chapter 1397: “End The Killing by Killing (3)”

    Chapter 1397: "End The Killing by Killing (3)"

    The immense giant of a Spirit Beast immediately brought a chance of turning the desperate situation around upon the battlefield as the gargantuan body stood like a mountain in the midst of battle.

    The soldiers of the Qu Country stared wide eyed in disbelief at the Spirit Beast, their minds suddenly breaking into a loud hum.

    However, before they could even recover themselves enough to react, Jun Wu Xie who stood upon the Spirit Beast suddenly leapt off the Spirit Beast's head in descent, turning into a bolt of purple lightning that charged right into the Poison Men army!

    In that instant, several other purple light streaks appeared from at the back of the Qu Country's soldiers, speedily crashing into the battle at the front as well.

    It had just been the time it took to blink and the Poison Men army erupted into a whirling bloody storm before the stunned Qu Country's soldiers realized what had happened.

    The Qu Country's ruler watched in shock at the scene unfolding before his eyes as the purple coloured spirit glows streaked across one after another in triangles to strike awe into his heart that caused his body to shake!

    "Your Majesty! What is that! ? I..... I seem to see Purple Spirits." The Qu Country's Commander in Chief exclaimed in disbelief as he rubbed at his eyes.

    Upon the Qu Country's ruler's face, a delighted and highly excited smile surfaced.

    "It's him! It's him!" He became so excited that his body was trembling, unsuppressable delight making his chest thump heavily.

    "Your Majesty, who is the him? Which him is it?" The Qu Country's Commander in Chief asked in confusion.

    The Qu Country's ruler turned suddenly and said: "It's the Fire Country's Emperor! It's the Fire Country's Emperor! That is the Fire Country's Emperor! It's him! It must most definitely be him! When the Qi Kingdom was completely surrounded by the Condor Country's allied invasion, he was the one who had led two Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts to turn the tide! Rescuing the Qi Kingdom from their inescapable crisis!"

    How could the Qu Country's ruler ever forget the bloody battle that had occurred in the Qi Kingdom just more than a year ago?

    Although he had not witnessed it himself, but the news regarding the Fire Country rescuing the Qi Kingdom had spread throughout the entire lands under the Heavens!

    Jun Wu Xie had been like a saviour that descended from the Heavens to annihilate the army millions strong in mere moments.

    Under these Heavens, the only person who was able to control that powerful Guardian Grade Spirit Beast was just that one!

    "Your Majesty from the Fire Country, but..... isn't there a rumour saying that the Fire Country's His Majesty would be behind closed door seclusion and that was why he had not once appeared throughout all this turmoil?" The Qu Country's Commander in Chief's heart similarly jumped in shock, having heard about the mysterious and powerful youthful Emperor much earlier before.

    The person who had saved the Qi Kingdom in a blink and the one who had easily obliterated the second most mighty Condor Country, the youth who with his own hands pushed the Qi and Buckwheat Kingdom into the ranks of powerful nations..... had really appeared here?

    "I cannot be wrong! I'm sure of it! We can be saved! The Qu Country can be saved!" The Qu Country's ruler said with flowing tears, where nothing much in this world could move him so much right at that moment.

    "Relay my orders down the line to work with His Majesty Jun Xie in his attack! Quick!" The Qu Country's ruler immediately issued the order, strongly believing that the youth who had brought to the world countless legends with his deeds must surely be able to change Qu Country's fate. The Heavens must have made Jun Xie appear here for him to save the Qu Kingdom!

    Upon the battlefield, the figure of Jun Wu Xie had turned into a bolt of lightning, her speed so fast that people were not able to even see her shadow, the Qu Country's soldiers only able to see that blindingly brilliant purple light that flashed right past them not too far from them!

    Purple coloured spirit powers. That was the symbol of the Purple Spirit!

    All of them would not have thought even in their dreams that they would see Purple Spirits come reinforce them when they were deep in hopelessness!

    In an instant, the morale of the Qu Kingdom's soldiers rose exponentially and they retaliated with every single bit of power they had!
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