Chapter 1398: “The Face of Sylvan (2)”

    Chapter 1398: "The Face of Sylvan (2)"

    The Poison Men were as powerful as demons before the regular soldiers but when before the true Purple Spirits, they were made to appear so weak as to be unable to withstand a single blow. With the joining of Jun Wu Xie and her companions immediately caused the tide of the battle to turn, the ferocious Poison Men army finally suppressed to the point where it became hard for them to still be arrogant.

    The figure of Jun Wu Xie started weaving through a group of Poison Men suddenly, a foot lashing out to send a Poison Man flying, her eyes filled with chilling murder.

    The Poison Men were not capable of thought, their attacks all carried out by instinct. They had no fear, not knowing what fear was. Under her chillingly lethal strikes, they not only did not back down but were instead incited to surge forward ferociously in continuous waves. At that moment, Jun Wu Xie's eyes then glinted with a hint of impatience.

    Wild beasts would possess instincts to protect themselves. But for the Poison Men before their eyes, they were all merely puppets under the claws of the mastermind behind this, puppets within consciousness, and without souls.

    Jun Wu Xie kicked her foot off the ground below her!

    Her slender frame flew up in the air. She suddenly raised up her hand and took off the ear stud upon her ear that the Face of Sylvan had shrunk into and used the needle sharp point on its end to prick through the skin on her soft finger. A bright red drop of blood formed which flowed down along the silver needlepoint to cover the ear stud.

    Jun Wu Xie flicked her hand to toss the blood stained ear stud into the air under the sun's rays. The tiny stud reflected the light and it fell in a glitter over an area within the Poison Men army.

    The tiny little ear stud, was not able to attract the slightest bit of attention from the Poison Army as they continued to roar and howl, completely unaware that their worst nightmare was about to descend upon them.

    The ear stud fell without a sound onto the ground, the drop of blood covering over its surface slowly being absorbed into the stud. Suddenly, silver lines appeared upon the surface of that tiny little ear stud and pulsed with a brilliant light among the chaos!

    The silver lines seemed to have been given a life of its own, winding out from upon the ear stud into the ground. The ear stud was like a seed, and the silver lines its roots that spread out to imbed itself, silently penetrating the earth!

    A deafeningly loud crash then sounded upon the battlefield!

    The ground before the eyes of the Qu Country's soldiers began to show deep cracks as the ground rumbled like an earthquake was brewing, shaking violently beneath their feet!

    Within the Poison Men army, the earth that they stood upon began to split open, the broken earth heaving and surging in a terrifying stir!

    Countless cracks filled the vast endless ground as green vines reached out from deep beneath the earth, breaking through its surface, tearing the land apart!

    Those vines were as thick as the hips of three grown men and they continued to twist and twirl as they broke through the ground throughout the large area occupied by the Poison Men army!

    Standing within the main camp of the Qu Country's army, the Qu Country's ruler almost fell to the ground from the strong tremors under his feet. He struggled to steady himself as the deafening clamour of the heaving ground and the loud clash of metal covered over everything else!

    Right before his eyes, was a scene that he would never forget for the rest of his life!

    The thick and strong vines were like a demonic plant that bloomed deep inside the ground. From the very moment they broke through the ground's surface, they gathered densely among the Poison Men army, the vines so thick and powerful where even the immensely strong Poison Men with their thick impenetrable hides were not able to break those vines in the slightest!

    The huge vines danced and twirled among the Poison Men army, wrapping the roaring Poison Men completely in a circle as they gradually tightened and closed in towards the sky. The smaller vines on the outside layers coiled together endlessly, forming layer upon layer to finally weave itself into a dense web of vines, wrapping up the horde of Poison Men completely within!
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